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Motor Racing News

Belén García, along with Marta García and Nerea Martí enter the W Series 2020

We speak with one of the Spanish pilots with more projection. Belén García, in the F4 Spain this year, will face the FIA ​​Motorsport Games representing Spain and, already in 2020, the W Series.

Belén García is only 20 years old. Study Telematics Engineering, practice pole vault ... and at the same time one of the young reference pilot of the Spanish quarry in circuits. This year he runs with the Global Racing Service team in the category of access to single-seater racing on the circuit, Formula 4 Spain (where he made history in being the first woman to win a race in the event, in Navarra), and before her a much larger picture has been opened for next year.

The young Catalan rider will participate the last week of October and the first of November in the FIA ​​Motorsport Games, a new competition organized by the FIA ​​in which different pilots from different disciplines will represent their country. In the case of Bethlehem, he will do it with his Formula 4 in the circuit of Vallelunga, in Italy, where all the races will be played.

And already in 2020, Belén García is waiting for the W Series. Together with Marta García (who already ran in the first season and was fourth overall with a victory) and Nerea Martín (rival of Belén in F4 Spain), the three will run in the second season of this championship one hundred percent female.

And in the meantime, this weekend he will play the penultimate event of the Spanish Formula 4 championship, in Portimao, in which he will continue defending his leadership in the women's category and obtaining more points that allow him to climb in the general classification.



The Lurauto Dealership Creates A New Single-Brand Circuit Cup

The Mini dealership of Gipuzkoa and Navarra, Lurauto, has developed a single-brand Cup for the next three years based on the Mini Cooper. A formula of economic initiation and very funny to be applauded as it deserves.

Motoring in Spain is scarce of promotional formulas where those who cannot spend a lot of money can run in a serious and complete Championship. Missing single-brand Cups like the ones we were lucky to enjoy in the 90s. And as the manufacturers themselves do not seem willing to facilitate this type of competition model, a dealer in the Basque Country, Lurauto, has rolled the blanket to head and has developed a car that serves as the basis for a single-brand Cup.

The model is a Mini and the version a Cooper, because they were clear that it should be a cheap formula. Nothing to do with that Mini Challenge Cup that was made with a more expensive and powerful car. But the result is a much more performance car than it might seem. The Lurauto Competition team has a lot of experience and has designed a very effective car, with a reinforced chassis and adjustable suspensions, an engine with reprogrammed electronics to give 180 hp and 15-inch slick tires to make it more affordable.

The idea is to participate in the meetings of the Spanish Resistance Championship with a total of five circuits (Jarama, Los Arcos, Motorland, Cheste and Jerez). Although many of the details are still to be decided, the idea is to run 50-minute races with a mandatory 80-second stop to change drivers. Thank you for visiting our where to buy a go kart page.


Andy Soucek: "I wanted to change the air in 2020" (interview)

Question: New adventure in your career in this 2020, with K-PAX. Introduce us to your team ...

Answer: K-PAX is a Bentley client team that I have been running with in the USA. two years. It is an American team that has a very good relationship with Bentley and this year they have decided to come to Europe with the support of the factory.

Q: Again with the Bentley Continental GT3, but ... as an official Bentley driver?

A: I had been with the same program for 5 years, as the official Bentley pilot and with M-Sport as the brand's official trainer, which this year will go on to do only the Intercontinental GT Challenge. In this 2020 I wanted to change a little air and have the opportunity to run in other championships and even with other brands. This year I am no longer an official Bentley pilot, which gives me more freedom to consider other projects and races that make me especially excited.

Q: What tests will you do then?

A: I will race with K-PAX in the World Challenge Europa Endurance, which was the Blancpain. I am also negotiating to run other championships and with other brands, in GT3. Now I cannot count anything because there is nothing signed, but I will announce it soon. I need a change.

Q: What balance do you make of your 2019 in Europe and America?

A: I have a mix of feelings. In the United States we won four races and we made some figures that would have been worth to win on the road in another championship, but we had a brutal rivalry with Miguel Molina's Ferrari and in the end it was they who failed the least. In the end we won the team championship and we were second by drivers. In Europe we had good races… At the Intercontinental GT Challenge we had good feelings at Suzuka, with the fastest lap in the race. We had rhythm and speed, but we never managed to close a result like the one we deserved, in the end something always happened.

Q: The championship has another name and has undergone several changes in recent years, can you explain them to us?

A: There have been several changes. One, the classification format, in which the best times are now averaged in Q1, Q2 and Q3, when previously only the fastest time was taken as a reference. Each team rider drives in one session, with a new tire and each best time counts for the average. It is a system that has improved when dividing cars into their categories, since before a car with an amateur driver could get out of pole as its Pro driver was the fastest. The SRO organizer has already finished his cycle with Blancpain, and is in fact now associated with AWS (Amazon Web Services). Another change has been that they have unified the names for the different continental championships. Although it is not an FIA world championship, it can be labeled a World Challenge. In America they have called it World Challenge America; the same with Europe, with the corresponding Endurance Cup for endurance races and Sprint Cup of the World Challenge Europe; the same in Asia… This year there is a new tire, which is still from Pirelli; They usually renew the cycle every 3-4 years.

Q: Last year you took on the responsibility of Ambassador of the María de Villota Legacy, how did it happen?

A: I am a very close friend of the family and I had been suggesting them to help them in some way, but I did not know how to do it. I opened a WhatsApp chat with the whole family and told them that, if I could help them with something, there it was. I thought I could do something important to help within the Motorsport community. I thought that, as an ambassador, I could turn it around and bring it closer to our world to make a more caring engine.