How Much Does A Go Kart Cost?

How much is a go kart?

 A go kart cost is typically a minimum of $200 to $500, and prices can even reach up to $10,000 for the most advanced and powerful go-karts. The question, "how much is a go kart" depends greatly on go-kart performance levels and complexity of the go kart. The average price will depend completely on the type of go kart that you want to have! Take a look at our go kart price list below.

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How much for a go kart? In this case a few hundred dollars, check out this video!

How much does it cost to build a go kart?

Enthusiasts often ask "how much does it cost to build a go kart?" That will depend largely on what your planning on doing with the go kart. Are you racing? Are you having fun in your yard? How much are go kart parts is an important part of the equation. If you want expensive parts like a 125cc go kart engine the cost to build a go kart is going to be much higher than if you install a used lawn mower engine from your tool shed.


How much is a racing go kart?

How much a racing go kart costs is a complex answer. But in general, expect to pay $2000 to over $10,000 for a racing go kart. Also, when you ask "how much is a racing go kart", you must consider that the price of the racing go kart will only be a fraction of what you will need to spend to race the go kart. Expect to pay a minimum of $3000 in expenses to race your go kart. Realistically, you may need to spend $50,000 to win a big championship!




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Pablo Morgado from Huelva achieves the Andalusian karting runner-up in Cartaya. Of the three races held on Sunday, the Club Karting Huelva driver scored a fast lap, a first place and two seconds, finally taking second place in the Andalusian Championship in the junior X30 category

Under heavy downpours, with the track very wet, and therefore under extreme conditions, the Cartaya Kartódromo hosted last weekend the last test of this year of the Andalusian Karting Championship, a circumstance that forced the more than 30 registered drivers in the different categories to do their best to optimize the performance of their karts.

The presence of large rafts of water due to the incessant rain forced the time program to be disrupted, which suffered a slight delay, but at the same time allowed the young talents of the Andalusian engine to empty themselves on the asphalt showing the best of themselves, competing for the victories until the last corner in the three scoring races held on Sunday for each category.

After the sum of points achieved in these three races, and in the previous ones disputed during the season in other Andalusian circuits, the winners of the Andalusian Championship this year have been, in the Constructors section, the TRT Karting Team; as well as in the senior category, the Andalusian champions are Ángel Marín (X30) and Ricardo López (Rotax).

In junior, the Andalusian championship this year was for Alberto Hurtado (X30) and Óscar Rodríguez (Rotax), highlighting the runner-up of the Huelva Karting Club Pablo Morgado in X30, who demonstrated on the asphalt of Cartaya the magnificent state of form in found as he starred in an impeccable weekend. And it is that in the three races contested a fast lap, a first place and two second places was scored, against very high level rivals such as Alberto Hurtado and Aarón García. These results earned the Huelva-born El Rompido (Cartaya), to win the Andalusian Karting runner-up 2020 in the junior X30 category.

Pablo Morgado from Huelva in the second box of the podium as Andalusian runner-up The Huelva-born Pablo Morgado in the second box of the podium as Andalusian runner-up
The Huelva-born Pablo Morgado in the second drawer of the podium as Andalusian runner-up / JORDI LANDERO (Cartaya)

Finally, in the mini category, the Andalusian champions in 2020 are Ismael Fuentes Luque (X30) and Elvis Krasauska (Rotax). The role of the pilot from Huelva, Marcos Morgado -brother of the previous one and of the same club- stands out here, who despite demonstrating speed and intelligence on the track unattainable for most pilots, did not have the same luck as his brother and a breakdown Mechanics in the first race, when he was driving in third position, conditioned the rest of the meeting for him. Despite this, as sources from the Huelva club have confirmed to this writing, the little one of the Morgado will make the leap to Europe for the next season 2021.

For all this, the Club Karting Huelva wanted to thank the sponsorship of the Huelva companies Grupo Fonseca Seguridad, Difinur Administración de Fincas, Avantlex Abogados, M & m Ingenieros, BMW Autogotransa, Federación Andaluza de Automovilismo, J & cía Agencia Creativa, Servalba Agencia de Seguros, Karting Cartaya, García Barroso Alquiler de Maquinaria y Laguna Costa, SA.

How much are go kart racers paid?

Sadly, most go kart racers have to pay a fortune of their own money to race!

For the rest, and in relation to the three races contested by category last Sunday in Cartaya, in the first mini the victory went to Hugo Martí, Ismael Fuentes and Nicolás García with an X30 engine, while in Rotax the victory went to Juan Manuel Camino, Elvis Krasauska and Ivannov Calvo in Rotax Mini. In junior the podium went to Adrián del Barco, Javier García and Oscar Rodríguez with a Rotax engine, while in X30 the victory went to Pablo Morgado, Alberto Hurtado and Aarón García. Finally, in senior, Ángel Marín was the fastest in the X30 times, followed by Gabriel López and Francisco Manuel Puertas. With a Rotax engine, the podium was formed by Ricardo López and Manuel Jiménez.

In the second race, the youngest -Mini- Ismael Fuentes, Hugo Martí and Nicolás García climbed to the top of the podium with an X30 engine; while Juan Manuel Camino, Elvis Krasauska and Ivanov Calvo Jiménez did it in Rotax. In junior Aarón García, Pablo Morgado and Alberto Hurtado achieved the first three positions in X30, while Adrián del Barco, Óscar Rodríguez and Javier García did the same in Rotax. Among the senior veterans the trio formed by Á

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