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The Porsche 911 Junior was commissioned and licensed by Porsche and sold through dealerships in the 1980s. Approximately 200 of these 1/2 scale 911s were made, making it one of the rarest Porsches ever manufactured. It features a Honda 4 stroke G100 engine, manual transmission (2 forward gears, 1 reverse and multi-disc wet clutch), rack-and-pinion steering, front and rear coil spring suspension, disc brake, horn, keyed kill switch and a rubber floor mat. People often call these a mini Porsche go kart. Not to be confused with the Porsche Junior Tractor!


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This Porsche 911 Junior go kart underwent a full restoration commencing in March 2019 and just finished in Dec 2020. During this time the body, frame, drivetrain, and suspension were restored to like new condition.

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The Mini Porsche go kart body

The body was completely stripped of all decals, rubber, and plastic pieces. Templates were drawn to plot out the exact locations of the factory paint lines on the front bumper smile, side rockers, bonnet, and rear whale tale. The body was then sanded by hand and the weak points of the fiberglass were reinforced for longevity and durability. Several layers of epoxy were applied with sanding between applications. The body was then primed and finished with two coats of Porsche Weiss (white) paint. A professional graphics company replicated the original decals, which were applied to the finished body. The original plastic bumper bellows were in poor condition and one corner was missing. New bellows were designed in CAD and a 3-D printing company was able to print new ones with modern plastic and printing techniques. After sanding, epoxy, and paint, the new 3-D printed bellows externally appear like unblemished originals. All original rubber trim and bumpers were cleaned and reused. The front headlight glass, trim rings, side markers, and rear taillight lenses were cleaned and reused.


The Porsche 911 Jr go kart frame

The frame was completely disassembled and then powder coated in black. The original serial number (M135P) was hand painted in the correct location using a 1:1 image taken prior to powder coating. The gas tank was cleaned and powder coated in white.


The Porsche junior go kart engine & transmission

The engine was disassembled and rebuilt with most of the original components. A new carburetor, spark plug, ignition switch, fuel filter and air filter were installed. The shroud and pull starter cover were powder coated in red. The muffler, heat shield, and exhaust pipe were ceramic coated.

The transmission is in perfect working order, so only required an external cleaning, new sealing rings and fresh oil.


Other Porsche 911 junior parts

Most of the original hardware was cleaned, wire wheeled and reused. The suspension springs and some of the other metal pieces were painted to resemble the original yellow zinc appearance.

The wheels were sanded and repainted. The original Fuchs style wheel covers were refinished and hand painted. The tires are original and appear to be in good condition. The inner tubes and valves hold air but due to age should be replaced if the go-kart is going to be driven regularly.


Porsche junior sale summary

A test drive of the 911 Junior was conducted after the restoration and all systems were checked. All systems including the drivetrain, suspension, steering, horn, and kill switch key work as designed. The only blemishes are a scratch in the right front fender that was touched up, and a few hairline stress cracks (right rear bumper forward of the bellow and upper corners of the engine bay). Otherwise it is in excellent condition would make a great addition to any collection or can be driven and used as intended. These 911 Porsche go karts are rare and special finds.

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