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Kids love to play with Dune Buggy's. There are many models and price ranges to choose from. Our favorite spot to pick up a dune buggy for kids is Killermotorsport.com. They have the best selection in the United States and their pricing and customer service is also excellent. 

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The DTM 2019 starts: new turbo engines, Juncadella with Aston Martin ...
The DTM is one of the most spectacular touring car championships in the world. Without a doubt, it has the most powerful cars and a grill of high-level drivers, something that in 2019 seems even more interesting. On the one hand, the cars are going to be the most powerful in the history of the event and, at the same time, will be more difficult to drive: they are the new cars of the "Class 1". On the other hand, DTM welcomes a new brand, Aston Martin, with which the only Spanish in the championship will run: Dani Juncadella.

The most important change in the DTM this year, without a doubt, is the incorporation of the new engines. Goodbye to the powerful atmospheric V8 500 hp, to welcome the even more powerful turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines. These small blocks will develop about 610 hp of power and 650 Nm of torque, a figure that increases by 30 hp when pilots press the new “Push-to-pass” button, which can be used 12 times (with a duration of 5 seconds ) during the race to make overtaking.

DTM cars also have limited fuel consumption (95 kg / hour) and have reduced their ability to generate aerodynamic load. This, coupled with the fact that the minimum weight has been reduced to 986 kg and the increase in power, will put pilots even more tested, who will have the same Hankook tires, as last year. Of course, due to the extra CV and the number of games available during the weekend falls from 8 to 7 (only 5 to face classification and race), the tires will suffer more degradation, so the strategy and ability to Pilots to manage them will be vital.

Regarding the strategies, it will also be important to prohibit the use of radios during the race (except for emergency or safety situations), the time of exits (where the use of the handbrake is prohibited), as well as the use of the DRS. 

The appearance of the cars has also changed, especially because of the new mechanics: the front splitters are smaller, so support has been lost in the front of the car; the front cooling openings are larger, as are the hood outlets; The diffuser also receives changes. Due to modifications for the safety of the drivers inside the car, where the interior rearview mirror used to be, there will now be a screen that will project the image of a rear camera. Thank you for visiting our Dune Buggies For Kids page.

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With a little attention, it is easy to know how to drive a kart to successfully face a first contact with this type of vehicle, which in its professional aspect can reach speeds of over 200 km / h.

It is not advisable to practice karting without knowing how to drive a kart. Driving a motor vehicle is always an attractive experience, but it also implies betting on safety and responsibility to prevent the good time from becoming a bad and even dangerous activity.

Prerequisites for risk-free karting

Although anyone - in principle - can get behind the wheel of a kart and feel the thrill and adrenaline of speed on a circuit, there are important tips to keep in mind.

Experts remember that physical condition is important for kart drivers, even for amateurs. Weight and height influence driving on the track and each driver must assess how to get the most out of them. Non-professional karts for tracks have a defined size and it is usual to require not so much a specific age, as a height to be able to drive the car safely and enjoyment.

The current offer of circuits for amateurs and beginners in karting is very wide, so it is easy to find options for adults, juniors and even younger children. However, the most common is that those under 15 years of age cannot drive alone, much less compete even in an amateur way. Another thing is that children are started in this sport in a professional and regulated manner.

Kart drivers wear gloves, overalls and a helmet to protect themselves and to be able to drive with maximum comfort and freedom of movement. It is common that on the track you can rent or leave you a jumpsuit and helmet, but even so it is recommended to go to the circuit with comfortable clothes that allow you an adequate and flexible posture at the controls of the racing car.

Footwear is key when piloting a kart. Forget flip flops, sandals or high heels; Those responsible for the circuits are usually demanding at this point and you may not be able to enjoy your karting experience if you do not wear suitable shoes. If you can, choose non-fabric sneakers that also protect the ankle.

Attention to rules and advice
Karting tracks usually recommend their users to arrive at least half an hour in advance of the time reserved for filming. Although it may vary from one circuit to another, it is important that you do not miss the advice and preparations proposed by the pilots responsible for the place.

Before riding the kart make sure you are very clear about how it works and what are the rules of use and on the track so as not to take risks. If you have doubts it is better to ask and insist on clarifying any issue that you do not have insurance. Circuit professionals often help you get settled in the car, acquiring the best riding posture. The pedals, for example, are usually adjustable in height to adapt to each driver as much as possible. Driving dune buggy for kids is awesome!