ROK Gp Engine

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Andre Martins
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The 2-stroke 125cc ROK Gp motor is developed for ease of use, maximum reliability, and high power, all at an affordable price. Featuring a read valve intake, external water pump cooling, dry-clutch, and onboard electric start. Additional features include a vibration reducing balance shaft assembly and power valve that improve both throttle response and performance at lower rpm. Dell'Orto VHSH O 30mm carburation, battery connector, and a performance exhaust silencer are also included.


This power plant is standard for all ROK 125cc juinior, senior, and masters classes in the United States. The world renowned stepping stone to shifter kart racing, open wheel, and prototype racing for serious drivers. We also carry the Mini Rok motor and the Shifter Rok.


  • Water-cooled heat management
  • Oval exhaust and two boosters
  • C4 radial bearing design
  • 54.07x54mm bore and stroke
  • Peak 36 HP at 12,500 Rpm
  • Peak torque of 20.2 Nm at 11,500 rpm
  • Rev limited to 15,000 rpm
  • PVL digital timing ignition system
  • Dell’Orto VHSH Ø 30mm fuel management
  • Arrow intake silencing
  • Rok GP molded exhaust with silencer

Enjoy Some ROK Junior Onboard Video 

For results of the world championship drop by the Driver Database page here. The official Twitter page of the series is another great resource for keeping up to date with ROK around the world. Please contact us with any questions you may have.