Tony Kart Racer 401

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A Winning History Since 2000

Boasting 7 CIK FIA Karting World Championships, countless international victories, and local domination since 2000. Available in both a shifter gearbox and single speed configuration. The 2017 401S embraces a lightweight 30mm Molybdenum chrome tubing design philosophy. These are only a few of the latest updates from the official factory R&D race team. 

The latest 401S evolution includes reductions in overall weight, redesigned floor plate, sprocket hub, the steering column support, front bumper connection) and rear brake caliper assembly. An environment of constant, continuous, and ceaseless development in international competition by the by the official Tony Kart Racing Team guides the Racer 401 Tony Kart.

State Of The Art BSD Braking

For single speed categories such as Junior, Senior, and Speedy we have introduced the new BSD rear brake caliper. Get ready for incredible feel, control, and fine adjustments for the left foot. Forged one-piece, 34.5 mm 2 piston,  stroke recovery, and evolution brake tubes ensure perfect braking every time. Shifter categories such as ROK Shifter and KZ feature an even more robust 4 piston caliper called the BSS. Braking performance can be fine tuned to each drivers preference.

Advanced Aerodynamic M6 Bodywork

Every fraction of a second counts in karting. Through intense wind tunnel testing new OTK M6 bodywork reduces aerodynamic drag while directing air precisely to cool important systems. Visually stunning there is no mistaking the OTK Racer 401 at the racetrack.


  • 30 mm Molybdenum chrome steel
  • 1045 mm wheelbase dimensions
  • 50 mm 3-bearing rear axle assembly
  • DOT 5.1 brake fluid
  • SA2 - SA3 brake hoses
  • Magnesium components
  • MXJ wheels
  • New exhaust supports
  • Front and rear torsion bars
  • Aluminium pedals
  • M6 fairings
  • Stickers kit with aero graphics

Engine Configurations

You have many choices when it come to engines for your Tony Kart racer chassis. As noted above this chassis is designed to handle both shifter and single speed motors. One of the more popular configurations in the USA currently are the Rok Gp engine and the Vortex Shifter engine. The Tony Kart 401 chassis, in capable hands, is world beating.

Nice Video Montage Of A 401S Assembly