2019 Tony Kart Krypton 801 R

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The Krypton Range has been optimized again with the landing of the 801R model. The new frame is enhanced by different specialized updates of components, that have been created by the Tony Kart Group and created inside the Research and Development division of the OTK Kart factory. The latest M7 spoiler, and a redesigned high grip wheel highlight this 32mm chassis.

Developed For Winning

The new Krypton 801R conitunes the legendary performance of the Tony Kart frame. The main difference between the Racer and the Krypton is the diameter of the chrome molybdenum steel tubing that makes up the frame: 32mm for the Krypton and 30mm for the Racer. The geometry and structure of the frame stays unaltered from the past models. Similarly as the high caliber of chassis materials and accessories don't change from previous models.

The Top Brake System Available

The back brake caliper is fashioned from one piece and highlights twin 34.5mm cylinders, with brake travel recovery, joined with advanced brake lines and utilizing spec 5.1 brake fluid. The calipers and master cylinders are produced using Ergal material, picked for it's remarkable property of wear resistance. The complete braking mechanism is the consequence of persistent improvement completed by the Tony Kart Race Team.

Tony Kart Krypton Chassis Winning Aerodynamics

Continuing on from the mind blowing work embraced by the Research and development Division of the OTK factory in the field of aerodynamic design. On account of testing completed both in the wind tunnel and CFD simulations. From this is comes the new M7 front spoiler which further lessens air drag, especially on the quickest straights of the longest circuits. The M7 joins with front spoiler to make a completely efficient frontal region of the kart. This is the answer which improves the streamlined drag co-effective and lessens the creation of air vortices in the 'C' segment of the Tony Kart Krypton chassis.