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Enjoy the infamous Yellow Bird!

Porsche News:

The Porsche 911 GT3 is a model for true driving enthusiasts, for those who can't wait to sling through strange winding mountains or on the circuit on the weekend. Porsche's decision to reintroduce the manual gearbox has fully paid off for the brand, with shares that far exceed expectations.

“We lost several bottles of wine by betting on the utilization rate when we reintroduced the manual, we were surprised at how high it was,” Frank-Steffen Walliser, 911 vice president of product told Autocar. More detailed information comes from Luke Vandezande, the Porsche spokesman told Bloomberg that about 30% of 911 GT3s leaving assembly lines are equipped with manual transmission. A rate higher than the 20-25% of the rest of the 911 range. Andreas Preuninger, Porsche head of GT cars, told Autocar that the trend is set to expand: 40% of manual Porsche 911 GT3s are expected in 2022. A the exception is the United States, the nation culturally linked to automatic transmission scores 70% of 911 GT3s with manual transmission!

The Porsche 911 GT3, both in the previous generation and in the newly announced 2022 version, is equipped with the classic Porsche PDK, a semi-automatic transmission with double clutch and seven gears. The six-speed manual was reintroduced as an option in 2017, due to popular demand from fans.

Without a doubt a double clutch is faster, however the classic six-speed is for many more satisfying and fun; after all, the owners' goal is rarely to break the circuit record. We are sure that this unexpected turn of the market will please Chris Harris, one of the gurus of the pure sport driving concept. The Top Gear presenter was one of the first to discover the new 911 GT3.

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