There are many types of aircraft to choose from, from very light aircraft (VLJ) to heavy or business aircraft. Whether you want to fly to go golfing on the weekend, to arrive for a business meeting or for a vacation, we have organized them into simple categories to help you choose the ideal private plane. Looking for the best ultra longest distance private business jets?

What is a very light device?
VLJs are relatively new to private aviation and simply offer a good alternative to piston aircraft and turbochargers for super short trips of up to 5 hours, and are very economical. Typical VLJs would be the Cessna Citation Mustang, Raytheon Hawker 400XP, and Embraer Phenom 100.

Why choose a very light device?
They are cheaper to operate than other aircraft in their category and can use shorter runways. They are popular both for personal use and to get from one point to another as an air taxi.

What is the autonomy of a very light device?
Depending on the VLJ they can reach between 1,600-2,400km, roughly the distance between London and Saint Petersburg or between Dallas and New York.

What is a light aircraft?
A light aircraft can accommodate up to 8 passengers. They are designed for short regional flights, and most allow limited movement in the cabin and are equipped with a private lavatory. Some of the models preferred by business travelers are the Bombardier Learjet 35, the Cessna Citation CJ2 and the Dassault Falcon 10.

Why choose a light aircraft?
Most have capacity for up to 8 passengers and different luggage capacity options, are more cost-effective than larger devices, but offer good autonomy

What is the range of a light aircraft?

Most light aircraft can reach 2,400- 3,200km, roughly the distance between Palm Beach and Teterboro or between London and Rhodes.

What is a medium appliance?
Medium machines are a very profitable option for trips of 4 to 5 hours, due to their capacity for 7 or 8 passengers, plenty of space to move around in the cabin and a separate sink.

Why choose a medium plane?
They are an efficient alternative to larger heavy aircraft, lower operating costs, and plenty of room for luggage, folding couches and private toilets, making them a popular choice.

What is the range of a medium aircraft?
The range of a medium aircraft is roughly 3,200-4,800km, or the distance between Teterboro and Van Nuys or between Munich and Dubai.


What is a heavy plane?
With a maximum capacity of 18 passengers and a range of more than 6 hours, the heavy aircraft are perfect for transcontinental flights. They have high ceilings that allow you to move around the cabin comfortably. Heavy aircraft also have a convenient private lavatory and cabin crew to attend to your in-flight needs. It is the pinnacle of private plane travel.

Why choose a heavy aircraft?
Heavy aircraft are luxurious, with stand-up cabins, ample passenger and luggage capacity, and seats that convert to beds, private toilets, and cabin crew to assist you during the flight.

What is the range of a heavy aircraft?

Heavy aircraft connect continents with ease, with cruising speeds much higher than lighter aircraft. Scope: from Miami to Ibiza

What is an ultra long-range heavy aircraft?
Ultra-long-range heavy aircraft dominate the top of the private jet market. They are always the flagship devices of each manufacturer, reaching impressive speeds and performance capacity, and a range capable of connecting any two cities in the world.

Why choose an ultra long-range heavy aircraft?
These devices have private and meeting rooms, complete galleys, inflight entertainment and state-of-the-art connection, allowing passengers to take advantage of the entire flight.

What is the range of an ultra-long-range heavy aircraft?
An ultra-long-range heavy aircraft, as its name suggests, is made for longer trips, such as the flight between San Francisco and Hong Kong or between London and Kuala.