Orlando Florida Recording Studio | J Stanley Productions

I've been using Jay Stanley Productions for my live band recordings and when I want to get pristine sounding audio that will stand up against commercial releases, JSP is my go-to recording studio in Orlando Florida. I have a few projects of mine that were recorded with Jay @ Studio 710 and through the mics, preamps & outboard gear, JSP stands apart from other Orlando recording studios.

American Idol | Broadway Shows | Tv Show Host | Recording Engineer Orlando Florida

Jay Stanley Productions has been used for all of our music production needs since 2010. Jay is a pro at understanding the vision you have for your project and helping to make it come to life in the studio. He's great at seeing the big picture while also making edits and changes on the fly if needed. The studio is fully equipped with everything you need to bring your ideas to fruition, including some of the best instruments & mics available on the market today & an impressive selection of amps/stomp boxes/effects for any guitar sounds you need. There's something to be said for a recording studio that has been around as long as JSP, there is a certain level of experience and expertise at the studio along with the ability to work well under pressure if needed! As anyone who works in music knows, deadlines are part of recording so it's great to work with a studio that can get the job done when needed.

-Ryan Broshear Frontman & Co-Manager of Beer Money | Live Show Recorded 11/19/14 @ J Stanley Productions Orlando Florida

I have worked in recording studios all over the world, in Los Angeles, New York City, London and in smaller markets. I have never experienced a studio that is as warm, friendly, complete and professional as J Stanley Productions. I have recorded vocals on several projects with Jay at JSP and each time was better than the last. He has always been able to get the best possible vocal sound for my voice in every environment, even when the playing field wasn't level