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Where is Scott Nordheimer? I am sure that most of our readers recognize that name. He was one of the lead investigators in the Marilyn Burgos murder case, among others. But this story starts with another unsolved crime committed in Brockton, Massachusetts, in 1991. A little boy named Abner Valentin-Saavedra was going to school when he was abducted and murdered by a man posing as a cop.

Scott Nordheimer at the time of his retirement, in an undated photo from The Enterprise You can read that story here . Detective Nordheimer published a book about this case in 2014 that you can read here .

Nordheimer had moved on to working for the Norfolk County district attorney's office by that time. He would go on to work just about every Brockton case you could imagine, including the Marilyn Burgos murder , which was one of his last cases before he retired in 2014. That is just a sampling of Nordheimer's excellent police work during his illustrious career.


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Lost: Season 1 DVD Boxset only £31.99 at Play.com - Bargain News  Lost: Season 1 DVD Boxset only £31.99 at Play.com

Play.com have the full season 1 boxset of lost on dvd for only £31.99 a saving of £28.00 

This release features a load of extras including... 

Karas The Prophecy on DVD Competition, Two Copies To Win - Competition  Karas The Prophecy on DVD Competition, Two Copies To Win

Courtesy of Manga Entertainment we have two copies of Karas The Prophecy on DVD to give away. 

Tokyo - a city populated by both humans and by ghostly beings. They exist in both dimensions, seen and unseen: spirits, apparitions, demons. The balance between these two dimensions has long been upheld by the city's guardian raven Karas and his masters. But that balance has... 

Tetsujin 28 DVD Competition, Two Copies To Win - Competition  Tetsujin 28 DVD Competition, Two Copies To Win

Courtesy of Manga Entertainment we have two copies of Tetsujin 28 on DVD to give away. 

Never seen before in the UK, Tetsujin 28 is the brand new anime series from the maker's of Giant Robo. The journey begins when Professor Kaneda creates the ultimate soldier robot, Tetsujin as a substitute for his son, Shotaro, whom he mistakenly believed died in a bomb raid on Tokyo... 

Grizzly Man - DVD Review  Grizzly Man

This is another truly moving and thought provoking documentary from one of the widely uncovered masters of modern filmmaking about an American grizzly bear expert who lived wild with bears for 13 consecutive summers. The point of interest in regards to making a documentary about him is the fact that for his last 5 summers he was using a DV camera to record his encounters and ultimately.... 


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Paramount Home Entertainment will be releasing the DVD of No Direction Home: Bob Dylan, on the 3rd of October. The retail price is quoted as £19.99, here’s the full press release: Paramount Home Entertainment Presents The highly anticipated, powerful new documentary: “NO DIRECTION HOME: BOB DYLAN” ~ A Martin Scorsese picture coming to DVD on 3rd October ~ In an event that has brought together Bob Dylan and Martin Scorsese, NO DIRECTION HOME: BOB DYLAN, is the first time Dylan has participated in an exclusive film biography. This DVD covers his explosive arrival on the downtown New York City scene in 1961 - with a raspy voice, pounding guitar and stunning lyrics - through to his near-fatal motorcycle accident in Woodstock in 1966, no one had more of an impact and no one changed the landscape of contemporary music more profoundly.


Private, almost reclusive and disdainful of customary forms of publicity, Dylan has now agreed to make an appearance in his own story. Directed by Martin Scorsese, the intimate and incomparable film includes an archive of exclusive footage from childhood, from the road and from backstage, as well as unreleased interviews conducted over the past 15 years with other seminal figures from those times - some of whom, like Allen Ginsberg, are long dead. Dylan, an eight time Grammy award winner, talks openly and extensively about this critical period in his career, detailing the journey from his hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota, to Greenwich Village, New York, where he became the center of a musical and cultural upheaval, the effects of which are still felt today.

For the first time, The Bob Dylan Archives has made available rare treasures from its film, tape and stills collection, including footage from Murray Lerner’s film Festival, previously unreleased outtakes from D.A. Pennebaker’s famed 1967 documentary Don’t Look Back and interviews with Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Maria Muldaur, and many others. In anticipation of the film, members of Dylan’s worldwide community of fans also contributed rarities from their own collections. In discussing his excitement about the current project, Scorsese remarked, “I had been a great fan for many years when I had the privilege to film Bob Dylan for The Last Waltz. I’ve admired and enjoyed his many musical transformations. For me, there is no other musical artist who weaves his influences so densely to create something so personal and unique.” Spitfire Pictures’

Nigel Sinclair adds: “Bob Dylan is a true cultural worldwide icon. This is the first time Bob has given this unprecedented access, which, coupled with Marty’s outstanding filmmaking talents, should provide an unparalleled portrait of Dylan’s indelible mark on the culture of the 20th century.” NO DIRECTION HOME: BOB DYLAN, is a production of Spitfire Pictures, Grey Water Park Productions, Thirteen/WNET New York and Sikelia Productions, in co-production with Vulcan Productions, BBC and NHK. Apple are the worldwide sponsor of this release and will present the DVD and international version of NO DIRECTION HOME: BOB DYLAN. Apple is also the corporate underwriter of the PBS broadcast.


NO DIRECTION HOME: BOB DYLAN is available to buy on DVD (RRP £19.99) from 3rd October 2005, certificate TBC DVD Technical Details TITLE NO DIRECTION HOME: BOB DYLAN RELEASE DATE 3RD OCTOBER FORMAT 2 DISC DVD RUNNING TIME Part 1 – 152 minutes approx. Part 2 – 88 minutes 30 seconds approx. RRP £19.99 CERTIFICATE UK TBC / IRELAND TBC SPECIAL FEATURES Bob Dylan performs “Like a Rolling Stone” at Newcastle Bob Dylan performs “Blowing in the wind” Bob Dylan “Positively 4th Street” promo Bob Dylan performs “Girl of the North county” Bob Dylan performs “Love minus Zero/ No limit” Joan Baez performs “Love is just a four letter word” Mavis Staples performs “A hard rain’s a-gonna fall” Liam Clancy performs “Girl of the north county” Bob Dylan performs “Mr Tamborine man” at the Newport Folk Festival Bob Dylan performs “I cant leave her” Maria Muldaur performs “Lord, protect my child” Bob Dylan performs “One too many mornings”


Do you break the rules regularly?

Would you save one person, even if it meant millions being murdered?

Would you murder one person if it meant saving millions?

Do you trust people more than once, despite them kidnapping your daughter, and murdering your wife, or bringing your Administration into disrepute?

Are you a hapless blonde, who can barely hack it as a babysitter, and who, despite being told by her dad to get out of LA during a possible nuclear strike, actually travels back to the centre?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions then you can work at CTU.

Add sociopath, suspected child-snatcher, or several years working with a terrorist organisation to your resume, and you could even be head of your own unit.

Yes folks, its 24 Season 3, and the guys and gals at CTU are back. The body count is higher, and the cliff hangers are steeper than ever. Jack Bauer is deep under cover, working with drugs barons, and taking full advantage of the narcotics on offer. The reason is to try and keep a deadly virus that the drugs barons are due to buy from getting into the wrong hands. You’ll know the format of 24 well enough by now to know that it does indeed fall into the wrong hands, with the assistance of a certain Nina Myers, uber-villain and ex-lover of Jack Bauer.

President David Palmer is having a bad day too. He’s trying to get re-elected, and his new girlfriend is accused of mis-dealings in the pharmaceutical world, his sexy younger brother has had an affair with an old friend’s wife, and his ex-wife, who was brought back to clear things up, has actually got him into deeper trouble. Add to that a terrorist who’s threatening to spread aforementioned virus into LA, and it makes you wonder why this nice man doesn’t just give it all up and go fishing.

I jest really. I love 24, having been hooked since the first series. Since we don’t have Sky One now (how could the BBC have let this slip through their fingers?!), it was a treat to be able to watch Season 3, which I’d missed. The first series, as everyone knows, was groundbreaking, and kept viewers hooked from one week to the next. I took to avoiding internet message forums, where spoilsports from America took delight in telling us what happened. I didn’t want to know! The format is familiar now, but still compelling.

Okay, we don’t so much wonder how a particular hour will pan out by the next episode, but what cliff-hanger they can come up with to delay the denouement until the final hour. Admittedly, half the time I didn’t have a clue what was going on, and when I did work it out, I wondered how come they needed to do that to reach a particular point, but I take my hat off to the writers for keeping the momentum up.

The show looks good too, with a good-looking cast, including the divine Dennis Haysbert as President Palmer, and his equally divine younger brother, Wayne, played by ‘Buffy’s’ DB Woodside. If either are allowed to get away before the 4th series I shall be very upset, as I’m sure lots of fans will be. Jack Bauer (Keifer Sutherland), is of course, a prince among men, but not afraid to make the tough choices. Sutherland plays him with just the right amount of toughness and vulnerability.

I’m afraid Elisha Cuthbert still irritates me, and it is amusing when she does actually end up babysitting at one point in the show, as it’s clear that’s all anyone thinks she’s good at. The girl does show signs of growing up though, and it’s about blooming time! 24 does have the best female villains ever, in Nina Myers (Sarah Clarke) and Sherry Palmer (Penny Johnson Jerald) in scenery chewing form.

What I like about the show is that it doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t. It does deal with utilitarian questions such as is it justified to murder one man if it means saving millions? It also addresses the tough choices that good men (even Presidents) have to make. But it doesn’t dwell on it too much. Just when you think it’s getting philosophical, something gets blown up and we’re back into the action again.

It does however, leave several questions unanswered, some relevant, some irreverent such as:

Why does Jack dump the very attractive Kate Warner for a woman who appears to be borrowing Michael Jackon’s nose?

If the President could pardon Nina Myers in Season 2, why can’t he pardon Tony Almeida? (You’ll know what I mean when you watch the show).

Why DOES anyone ever trust Nina Myers and Sherry Palmer twice???!!!

Doesn’t America have labour laws? How can the same people work for 24 hours straight, and then go onto another shift immediately?

Why doesn’t anyone ever look knackered?

Or go to the loo?

Or eat?

Or follow orders?

Why don’t agents have tracking devices injected into their skin, like dogs have microchips? That why they won’t get broken/lost. Everyone knows that if someone is wearing a watch with a device, it will get broken/lost at some point.

Why do doesn’t anyone ever die (i.e. evil people), unless you want them to live (i.e. good people and George Mason), in which case they die in front of your eyes so there’s no mistake?

And a couple of observations:

Terrorist seldom have any real political or religious idealogy. They’re all just really pissed off at Jack Bauer.

If female agents take their children to work, they’re threatened with the sack. If male agents do, it’s forgiven immediately and never spoken of again.

Drugs dealers are usually evil Mexican/South American types who'd shoot their own brother/lover if needs be. If they are American, then they're wholesome blond boys, who only deal drugs because 'my mom's on dialysis and my dad can't get a job dude...'

I really miss Xander Berkeley as George Mason. Okay, not relevant, or irreverent, but I do.


Don’t be put off by my nit-picking. It’s part of the reason I love the show, and I know other fans feel the same way. I still sit on the edge of my seat, wondering what’s going to happen next. And so will you.


The Art of Buying DVDs

Fed up spending your hard earned cash on DVDs only to realise that…
  • That DVD you just paid £15 or more for a few weeks ago is now selling for well under a tenner almost everywhere.
  • The studio has just released a newer, 2-disc version of a DVD you've already got and it's loaded with extras, better quality sound, etc.
  • That DVD you just had to have as soon as it was released is still sitting on the shelf, as yet unwatched.
Well I've been buying DVDs for a few years now and I've been caught out by all of the above, some several times, so I thought I'd write down some common questions and hopefully spread a few tips around as well…

Which Version Should I Buy - Region 1, Region 2 or even Region 4, etc?

When I started collecting DVDs a few years ago it was the norm to go for Region 1 releases because they were more likely to be released earlier, be cheaper and would probably have more extra features than the Region 2 equivalent, if there even was one.

However that's much less the case these days for mainstream titles. Most studios have started to see the sense in trying to have single, or at least close release dates for all regions and to keep feature differences to a minimum. However, there are cases where this still happens or, in the case of less mainstream titles, a UK release may not even be scheduled or may take a very long time to materialise.

Video Format

This may be an issue worth considering if you have an analogue display - i.e. a non-digital television. For example, US Region 1 discs are normally encoded for NTSC video systems and UK Region 2 discs for PAL video systems. This is still a contentious issue but the majority of authorities on the subject favour PAL over NTSC for DVD playback quality so that may have an effect on your choice of region. There is also the SECAM format but you're much less likely to come across this these days.


There are situations where UK censors may impose cuts that don't appear on other versions and vice versa, although not very often in the latter case.

There are various ways to check what classification has been given to a production. This isn't a comprehensive list but it covers the main regions and areas that you're likely to buy from…
    If you want to check if there are any cuts then look up the movie on and select the alternate versions page if it is available. Another few useful sites are…

      Customs Charges

      Be aware that you may be liable for customs or VAT charges if importing digital media to the UK. Currently, the package value threshold that attracts charges is £18 so if your order is £18 or more, then you could get charged the duty on it. You may also get charged a handling fee by the Post Office for the privilege.

      Bascially if the value of the goods, excluding any packaging or handling charges, is under £18, then you won't normally be charged duty. If it's valued at £18 or over then you may be charged duty on the full value, including any packaging or handling charges. However, this is not normally an issue as most overseas suppliers ship orders for multiple titles in single units but if you're ordering a box set, then the risk of being charged duty is much higher.
      The best bet these days, if you want to check which version is best for you, is to look it up on one of the following DVD comparison sites…
      NB: Due to DVD region coding, playing DVDs from outside your region will almost always require a multi-region compatible DVD player and a compatible display device.

      Where Should I Buy From?

      Maybe the question should be "How much should I pay?" as I don't care where I get my DVDs from as long as I think the price is reasonable and the store is reliable.

      Online stores are by far the most popular way to buy DVDs now but whatever the online generation might think, High Street shops are still an option worth keeping an eye on. They often have reasonably good sales or special deals such as "Buy One Get One Free" or "Three for £20", etc.

      Price Comparison Sites

      If you’re looking for a specific title and want to check who's the cheapest supplier, then do a search for it on one of the following price comparison sites…
      There are loads more of these, most less specifically DVD oriented, price comparison sites out there so feel free to try some more of them out.

      NB: These price comparison sites are useful but aren't always accurate so always check the price on the seller's site before buying.

      Online Bargains

      The other thing to do is to keep an eye out for an online bargain as sellers often have sales, special offers or even release discount vouchers. There are a couple of sites worth checking out for the latest bargains…

      Supplier Reliability

      It can be difficult to gauge the reliability of a supplier and the last thing you want is to part with your hard-earned money and get nothing in return or to have hassles with delivery, returns, etc. Again, we’ve got a couple of ways to help you do that – check out our  area, where we rate suppliers based on actual experiences, and the  where you should be able to check up on what the rest of the buying community thinks of a supplier.

      When Should I Buy?

      This is difficult to nail down and will be different for every situation. There will always be those "Resistance Is Futile, I just have to have it now!" DVDs such as the next Star Wars or Lord of the Rings instalment or the kids will pester you endlessly for the latest Harry Potter movie but if you can wait, it'll almost always be worth it, monetarily speaking.

      One thing to mention is that some stores offer pre-order discounts and some are very attractive looking but it's always worth checking around and I've almost always found that whatever they were selling it for on pre-order is pretty much what everyone else will charge on release anyway. There are, of course, exceptions to this and if you keep an eye on the bargain sites, these will become obvious!

      If you're willing to resist buying before or at release time then you'll almost certainly save money by waiting until the price drops. Depending on how popular a DVD is, it can take a while to do this but in other cases it drops pretty quickly. Another benefit of waiting is that the studio might announce a better, more feature-laden version before you’ve opted for the current version.

      I've got a few DVDs that I just had to have and they're still on the shelf, as yet unwatched, so what I do now is keep a wish list, to which I add titles I fancy. Every now and then I’ll do a price comparison search for some of them to see if the price has dropped enough to interest me or if someone is offering a bargain.


      At the end of the day it's how you feel about how much you paid that counts and if you're happy shelling out over the odds to get the goods as soon as they're available, then more power to you. You're subsidising meanies like me as the stores may be more willing to discount a product that they've made their initial target sales on.

      Sooner or later, that DVD you've been looking for will turn up at a good price from a reliable supplier so - Happy shopping!

      NB: I should also state that this is a personal view of how to buy DVDs and I’m sure other users of this site do it differently. There are other ways to buy DVDs, I just don’t use them, e.g.…
      • Buying from online Auction sites.
      • Buying second-hand/pre-owned.
      • Swapping with others online – we’ve got a  for just that here and there are others out there.

      Marlin and his partner Coral are clownfish who live a happy life inside an Anenomy, at least they did until Coral and all but one of their eggs are eaten by a predator. Now Marlin and his only son Nemo live in the same Anenomie only Marlin is terrified of the big dangerous ocean they live in. Marlins’ worst fears are realised when Nemo is taken by a diver and now Marlin with the help of his new friend, the forgetful Blue Tang fish named Dory must travel to Sydney to rescue him. Along the way they have many adventures including a tangle with Jellyfish, a meeting with Sharks Anonymous (who are trying to stop eating fish) and some really radical turtles dude. There are 3.7 trillion fish in the ocean, will Marlin find his son amongst them?


      I’ve always been a big fan of the Pixar films, right from the original Toy Story. While this is partly down to the superb imagery and the way they bring such artificial worlds to life, it’s also down to the great level of humour in their films. Although on a basic level they appear to be children’s films, there’s always so many levels to the humour involved that they can be enjoyed by anyone.

      With this in mind I was very surprised that I wasn’t exactly blow away by it just didn’t seem to have the depth of previous titles. Although the right elements were potentially there, in that it was by far the best looking Pixar film to date (at the time) and there were plenty of gags and film spoofs. It just seemed considerably more childish than previous released, it also didn’t help the both Shrek and were around the same time and I felt these were both much better films.

      It was with some relief then that I discovered that Finding Nemo was a real return to form for Pixar. The film does look stunning with a real feel of an underwater environment, the way light trickles through from the surface and everything undulates under the current is a joy to watch. I also found it really funny with some great set pieces and very strong characters. Dory played by Ellen De Genre is definitely the star of the film, Ellen plays the dizzy forgetful fish perfectly.

      There are many great characters here including the fish loving sharks (“Fish are friends, not food”), the thrill seeking, surfer dude turtles and all the inhabitants of the dentists tank that Nemo find himself in. Essentially this is the same formula as all previous Pixar films in that it’s a buddy movie, but that doesn’t really matter, when it’s done this well. I’m so happy to see Pixar return to form and I look forward to the release of The Incredibles now


      I am to be truthful quite stunned by the amount of reviews around that sing the praises of the video quality on this disk, as I personally think it is awful. Before explaining myself let me go through the video details. Disk 1 contains a 1.78:1 Anamorphic version of the film while Disk 2 contains a 4:3 cropped version. Although I’ve stated that the video quality is awful it’s only for one particular reason. In many respects it’s superb with rich vibrant colours and fabulous contrast and brightness. However there is a major problem with digital compression here. The average bit rate throughout this disk seems to be between 3 -5 mbps and this low rate has a real effect on the picture quality. In many scenes there are clear digital problems around some of the characters (Marlin in particular). This gives a halo effect around some of the characters and in some cases colours even seem to bleed into the background. For me it was so evident in some scenes that it actually detracted from my enjoyment of the film. With Pixars history of releasing such superb quality DVD’s it’s a huge shame to find the quality on this one so disappointing.

      Thankfully the audio quality is a completely different matter. The Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack is superbly immersive. You get a real feeling of being in an underwater environment from every swish of a tail to the gurgling of bubbles. There’s also plenty of bass throughout, especially during scenes like the underwater mines explosion. A really top quality soundtrack.


      Disk 1

        • Visual commentary – This is actually a very good commentary track. The commentary itself is broken up with occasional additional footage including behind the scene sections, deleted scenes, scene breakdowns and interviews etc. These additional sections actually bring the commentary to over two hours but they also help to keep you interest throughout. If you prefer you can also view these extended sections separately. I should also mention that Disney’s history of making incompatible DVD’s comes through again as I couldn’t get this commentary to work properly on PowerDVD 5 on my laptop. It would keep jumping from scene to scene and restarting from the beginning randomly, nice one Disney.

        • Making Nemo documentary is an informative if perhaps a little brief documentary. It contains lots of behind the scenes footage at Pixar Studios and gives a good insight into the amount of work that goes into a Pixar production. It also shows that all Pixar employees do seem to be slightly mad although they also clearly have a lot of fun in their jobs.

        • Virtual Aquariums– A selection of seven different scenes from the film that can be viewed full screen. While these scenes do demonstrate the incredible amount of detail Pixar puts into every single background the extra itself is ultimately pretty pointless.

      • Design Galleries– This is broken into four sections and show concept diagrams from Art Review, Characters, Environments and a full Colour Script of over 300 images.

      Disk 2

        • Exploring The Reef - When this starts it looks like it’s going to be a serious nature program, however the Finding Nemo characters start to make an appearance and it soon turns into a highly amusing farce. Behind all the jokes however there is a serious preaching here about how mankind is destroying the ocean and we need to start taking more responsibility.

        • Knick Knack is a short animation that was made by Pixar six years before the release of Toy Story. It features a snowman stuck in a snow globe who desperately tries to escape the globe in order to get to a stunning blonde figurine. Even though the animation now looks dated, the magic Pixar humour is abundant in the short and makes for a few minutes of great fun. There’s also an additional commentary track to go along with it.

        • Mr Rays Encyclopedia – This is a selection of short information clips on many of the species featured in the film. They are all presented with voice over from Mr Ray (Bob Peterson). This is definitely one for the kids, as the information is very short and dumbed down considerably.

        • Fisharades is another one for the kiddies. It’s basically a little game featuring the schooling fish from the film. Basically the school starts to make the shape of something and you have to guess what the shape is before the timer runs out.

        • Story Time – A graphical story book, which features two options a narrative read along or a read to yourself mode. Once again one for the kids, although the animation is quite nice they they’ll probably enjoy it quite a lot.

      Finding Nemo Film Image

        • Behind The Scenes – Character Interviews, Studio Tour and Publicity material are included in the section. Nothing much here I’ m afraid, the character interviews seem to be mainly voiced by impersonators not the original cast and the rest of the material is pretty light. There’s also a short and easy to find Easter Egg in this section.

        • Virtual Aquariums
        • – More of these as in disk 1, however these are slightly better as some of them feature characters from the film swimming around inside a tank.

      • Sneak Peeks – Trailers for Home on The Range, The Lion King, Santa Claus 2, Special Edition DVD’s, Spy Kids 3D and most importantly Pixars next feature The Incredibles. The Incredibles feature is actually very good and this feature looks promising.
      The two disk pack comes in a plastic amaray case with a nice shiny cardboard outer sleeve. Subtitles are available in English, French and Spanish and the film is broken into 32 chapters.
      Finding Nemo Film Image


      Given that many of the extras mention the fact that this film was three years in the making and a hard journey, doubled with the fact that they all seem so proud of it. It seems such a shame that the same pride wasn’t put into the video quality of the DVD release. Perhaps the fact that it’s set underwater is a real strain on the DVD format, I can’t see it myself though as the bit rate is so low in many points through the film that it just seems like a lazy print. I also suspect that I’m going to get a lot of negative feedback from this review as every other review I’ve read raves about the quality of this disk set. Personally though, I also think that the quality of the extra features is pretty poor as well. Although it looks like there’s quite a lot here, there isn’t really much depth to many of the extras apart from the commentary.

      I’m probably being overly critical but I don’t really care if I am as previous Pixar releases have been of a really high quality and considering Finding Nemo is such a good film the lack of care put into the DVD is for me inexcusable. Don’t listen to my ramblings though, I recommend that you get hold of a copy yourself and make your own mind up. Perhaps I’m wrong and everyone else out there is right. I for one will be waiting and hoping that they do something different with the Region 2 release though.


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