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vortex rok enginesThe Vortex ROK engine philosophy has been honed through many years of trial, tribulation, experience, and wisdom. The first concept is stability in the regulations that govern the series. Throughout a season it is important for you the driver to know that your go kart engine package is the right one to win. Over a period of several years you will benefit from this consistency both from a budget standpoint and from a learning curve advantage. 

vortex go kart enginesDevelopment as a racer is paramount to success on the track. Another incredible advantage of Vortex ROK engines is the reliability and ease of use built into the 125cc  and 60cc motors. The last thing you want to go to war on your engines in the machine shop rather than focusing on driving at the race track. We have built extreme reliability and ease of use into our kart engines. Tuning and jetting is straight forward resulting in very equal power performance from competitor to competitor. This allows you to focus on chassis adjustments and driving skill, not on shelling out for the latest 125cc engine for sale.

vortex 125cc engineEvery Vortex kart engine for sale is a marvel of 2-stroke performance. Despite our industry leading reliability metrics we have delivered very high horsepower number for all classes. High power numbers are a key component to driver development as well as fun. As you graduate to higher classes of racing and different cars you must be able to handle extreme acceleration and speed. Racing a kart in the Vortex ROK Cup will prepare you for whatever may come down the line. 

Vortex Kart Engine For Sale

We have you covered with vortex rok engine systems for the complete range of age and experience levels. Parents can rest assured that their protege's are in a racing series with a well planned and direct path to the top of the motorsports ladder such as F1 and Indycar

Think your ready to become ROK World Champion?

rok kart motors rok engine price*Check back often for more ROK Vortex sale items. Vortex rok engine specs are available on the individual product pages. Every Rok kart engine is backed by the OTK factory so that you can expect consistency, reliability, and power straight from the box.  

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