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We are your resource for world class karting performance products such as OTK, Vortex ROK, TonyKart, Fa Kart, Honda engines, Alfono data systems, Mychron data systems, Aria helmets, and more.

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These chassis are supplied with all the necessary components minus the particular engine you will use to match your racing rules. Whether you are racing 60cc, 100cc, 125cc, shifter, or 4 cycle we have the perfect kart for each application. If you are not sure chassis models are the best choice for you please call before ordering for a consultation from our in-house expert Andre Martins. The most important factors are racing class, frame dimensions, tubing diameter from 30mm to 32mm, and engine. 

Racing Chassis Models

We have you covered for all mini, micro, junior, senior, and shifter racing classes. OTK is famous for implementing the best quality materials and design specs off all the racing manufacturers. From bumper to bumper you will come to love the precision and quality of every Tony Kart frame for sale in our store. Prepare to experience unmatched braking, turning, and power application from your racing chassis setup. When the time comes for parts and supplies for your chassis rest assured we will have parts for every Tony Kart for sale right from our OTK warehouse.

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We take pride in helping both new drivers and experienced veterans get setup perfectly. We want you to learn, have fun, and win. The most important step in that goal is having the right equipment under you. Reliability, high functionality, sensitivity to tuning, and speed are the qualities you can expect to experience from your Tony Kart frame. You will be blown away by the racing history of the brand. Please call us to get the most current Tony Kart prices for the many Tony Kart models. Each model (minus engine & radiator systems) is made specially for a particular class of racing. The class, type of engines, and weight of the driver will all effect what is needed to obtain the perfect kart for your racing. Therefore it is critical to discuss your purchase with an expert such as Andre Martins. 

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A Little History Of Tony Kart USA Karting

Beginning with the origin of the name, this derives from the English term "cart" (car in English), later the "C" became "K" as a distinctive note, since the kart was invented in the United States and there the letter K was used.
As we know, the Kart is sometimes also called Go-Kart. In Spain it has mainly been used to refer to rental karts, although in other countries it is used indifferently in the same way as the term "kart". The term "Go-kart" is due to the fact that this was the name of the company that started manufacturing and commercializing the first karts in the 60s in the USA. (Tony Kart dealers USA based). This was but a preview of what would become Tony Kart USA domination.
Returning a few years ago, in particular to 1956 without moving from the United States, we find that Glendale (California) is considered the father of the kart through Art Ingels. He decided to assemble four welded pipes together, added a steering wheel, a lever brake, a seat, an engine of an abandoned lawn mower (West Bend brand) and four wheels of a cart used to transport objects, giving life to the first commercial kart of in history.
Although the "minibólido" would have little to do with today's sophisticated karts, especially in terms of performance, since they barely exceeded 30mph, surely the first pilots of the time enjoyed as much as today, since soon other devices were built to which technical improvements were applied and adapted more powerful engines.
It took a few more years for these first karts to continue to improve and become popular enough for the first races to be disputed "seriously". It was in 1959, on the island of Nassau (Bahamas) near Florida, where the first international competition was held that some might consider, unofficially, the first Karting World Cup.
The karting arrived in the old continent in 1957 to Italy. Well actually the first kart came earlier to London, England, where a young Italian noble named Nicolò Donà Dalle Rose traveled to take it and take it with him to Italy to have fun with his friends. He made his first tests on the track in Milan, at the Monza circuit.
When all his friends saw that minibolid and proved it, they immediately fell in love, so much so that everyone wanted one, and Count Donà decided to build a factory to start producing and selling karts with American West Bend or MacCulloch lawn mowers. The initiative was a real success and over time Italy became the mecca of the karting industry. Brands such as Tecno in chassis and Grill in engines, were the first to be established in the sector in the 60s. France and England were in those years the countries where together with Italy, greater acceptance had the karting in Europe
In Spain the karting had a slower development compared to Italy and other European countries, and also a later landing, although not as much as one might think. Already at the end of the 50 in Madrid, Demetrio del Val, a motorcycle enthusiast and had known those "karts" during a trip to the United States, spoke of these to Ramón López Villalva, entrepreneur and trainer who in the garage his house and thanks to the knowledge acquired with his higher studies of mechanics he built a kart to which he fitted a Montesa engine and Vespa wheels. That and another one that Jordi Estela built in parallel at the Mostajo velodrome in Barcelona, ​​were the first karts manufactured in our country.
Already in the 60s Ramón López would begin to manufacture karts chassis for later commercialization, giving rise to the first brand of Spanish karts chassis, Hispakart, powered by the aforementioned MacCulloch lawn mower engines (afterwards also Bultaco 250cc motorcycle among others) .
In the 60s the first races were also held in Spain, while the first pilots appeared as Jorge Fuentes or Alfonso García Galán who would become important precursors of karting in Spain.
However, the karting industry in our country had nothing to do with Italy, and the growth and expansion of the transalpine country never took place, so during the following decades the material with which sport was practiced in Spain was imported almost in its all from Italy. 
But not everything, already in the decade of the 70 in Tarrasa, Miguel Tapias built his chassis MTK (Miguel Tapias Kart) brand that eventually gave way to the disappeared Arisco, one of the brands that left the most footprint in our sport, the which in addition to chassis, manufactured engines that with the preparation of the prestigious Faluga and in the hands of pilots such as Jordi Surrallés or Gerard Batalla. Check out our Orlando Florida Tony Kart USA location warehouse today!

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