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Flying in a private jet is more comfortable and convenient than flying on a commercial jet. You can select your destination freely and independently from the rigid commercial flight schedules and enjoy, both on the ground and in the air, the best service and the highest safety standards. When you rent a private jet, you should bear in mind that, in addition to the cost of the aircraft itself, additional costs will apply: for example, fuel, the use of airspace and personnel expenses. In this article we will give you a general idea broken down of the rental prices of a private jet.

What is the exact price of a private jet?

The total price of a private jet is calculated taking into account many different factors. These include, together with the costs of the private jet itself, the fees for the use of the air traffic and airport infrastructures, the remuneration of  crew, maintenance, insurance, repairs, as well as the additional costs for catering, and shuttle service.

The following sections are included in private jet prices:


  • Price of private jet initial purchase
  • Fuel costs
  • Air traffic fees
  • Airport taxes
  • Charge for service
  • Parking costs
  • Crew costs
  • Passenger security fees
  • Amortization
  • Prevention and maintenance
  • Insurance


Additionally, prices for private jets include necessities such as catering service and, where appropriate, ground transportation. Costs related to the aircraft for a private flight. When using a private jet, the costs of the plane are presented first. Prices for private jet operation depends on the model and size of the aircraft, and can therefore vary considerably. The more passenger capacity and higher quality the aircraft, the higher the price. The price for private jet operations are calculated similarly to renting a vehicle.

The private jet price and fuel costs

In order to calculate the price of a private jet, you must also count fuel costs. These vary depending on the consumption of the plane, as well as the distance the private jet must travel. This section should also take into account the different aircraft models and their corresponding fuel consumption. In addition to all this, the length of the route also plays an important role. Based on the average speed, a calculation of the approximate duration of the flight can be made. And in this way, it is possible to calculate the fuel expense to be carried out. Often these are included in the costs of the aircraft.

Air Traffic Fees: Costs of a Private Jet for Air Traffic

For each flight with a private jet, the costs of using the air transport infrastructure must be taken into account. These are also known as Airway rates and are comparable to tolls for road vehicles. To obtain the flight permit, it is necessary to pay these fees. These depend on the weight of the aircraft and the duration of the journey. The amount of these rates vary depending on the country as well.

Airport taxes for use of the take-off and landing runways

There are also costs on the take-off and landing runways of a private jet. Airport taxes make it possible to use the aerodrome for both take-off and landing, as well as luggage facilities and conveyors. In some places, a passenger tax will also be applied, depending on the distance traveled. Depending on the country there may also be entrance fees, which will make the price of private jet travel higher.

Airport taxes at the airport

In the price of a flight in a private jet it will be necessary to add the expedition fees from the airport. In general, special care companies work on land, which are responsible for services such as jet refueling, cleaning, maintenance of waiting rooms for the crew and ground transportation of passengers. The rates to pay cover all these services.

Parking fees: park your private jet

When you fly a private jet to your destination, and then want to leave the jet parked until your return trip, there are also parking costs. The idea is similar to that of a parking fee for your car. You pay with this rate the parking space of the plane. Therefore, the cost of parking the stop between the outward and return journey must be included in the price of the private jet.

The private jet price list includes crew costs

All planes need to have a crew to carry passengers from one place to another. Therefore, cabin crew salaries should be included in the prices of private jet operation. For most private jets, two pilots are required; and only for some very small models is it sufficient to have a single pilot, depending on the number of passengers and their needs, it will also be necessary to have flight attendants. The crew must receive the corresponding salary, among other things, for their travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses. All of the above added together will involve personnel costs and part of the private jets price of operation.

Passenger security rates per passenger

For each passenger taking off from the plane, a security fee will be charged. This is calculated in the total prices of private jets, taking into account not only the number of passengers, but also afterwards, depending on which region or regions take-off and landing will take place. Within the European Union, passenger security rates at almost all airports are somewhat lower than on flights in countries outside the EU.

Additional prices for private jets

In almost all cases, some additional costs will come from a private jet trip. These include a catering service for on-board supply, helicopter, limousine and taxi services to take or pick up passengers from or to the airport.

Private jet prices: on a one-way flight

You can book a private jet for a round trip, but of course it is also possible to book a one-way flight. In this case, it must be borne in mind that the price of a private jet increases when the plane must return empty to the starting point. Because even in the case of a return flight without passengers, apparatus and fuel costs, crew expenses, fuel and apparatus costs, as well as all airport taxes and use of air traffic infrastructures occur. Therefore, the costs of taking the plane back to its starting point are almost as high as those of the outbound flight. Thus we have parking costs, passenger security fees and additional costs for the return flight.



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Latest News:


IATA has released new forecasts that indicate a 55 percent drop in sales of airline tickets by COVID-19 compared to 44 percent in the previous ones.

IATA, the international association of air transport, estimates that the situation of airlines has worsened significantly since it issued its previous forecasts on March 24, in the context of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The drop in the number of passengers has reached 80 percent worldwide - The drop in the number of passengers has reached 80 percent worldwide.
Thus, they previously calculated that the drop in air traffic would be 65 percent worldwide in March, and that in the second quarter of the year travel restrictions would begin to be lifted. The reality in the first days of April reflects a decrease in air traffic of almost 80 percent,

With this, IATA now estimates that airlines will stop entering in 2019 for the COVID-19 314,000 million dollars, which represents a decrease of 55 percent in revenue compared to 2019.

In its forecasts of March 24, that decrease was "only", 252,000 million, 44 percent.

The reality is that travel restrictions are going to be extended much more than previously expected. Now IATA considers that the domestic markets could begin to open during the third quarter of 2020, but that the international markets will do so later. According to the new calculations, for the last quarter of 2020, only half of the international air traffic measured in kilometer offered seats (AKO) will have been recovered.