Private Jet Companies In USA

    • Berry Aviation is an American USA charter airline based in San Marcos, Texas. It was established and started operations in 1983 and operates USA charter passenger and cargo flights as well as work for the US Postal Service. 

    • Choice Airways is an American USA charter airline based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    • CSI Aviation, Inc. is a worldwide aviation services and United States company and FAR Part 135 air carrier headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico with bases in Killeen, Texas, and West Palm Beach, Florida.
    •  Eastern Air Lines was an airline based in Miami, Florida, founded in 2011. It operated USA charter flights between Miami and destinations in the United States, Caribbean and Latin America.

    •  Elite Airways is an airline based in the United States operating USA charter and scheduled passenger flights. The airline is a relatively new carrier that adjusts destinations as demand increases or decreases. 

    • Miami Air International is an American USA charter airline based in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. It operates worldwide passenger USA charter flights for diverse groups including cruise operators, professional sports teams and the United States military.

    • Million Air is a privately held aviation United States company that operates fixed-base operators (FBOs) in North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia.

private jet companies in usa


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Boeing 737 MAX News

Boeing has issued a new statement about the return to service of the B-737 MAX, in which it must again acknowledge that the stoppage is long.

Every few months Boeing issues a new statement on the return to service of the B-737 MAX. And all of them are traced, except for a date, which changes as time goes by.

In the last one for now, as you always remember that it is the FAA and other aeronautical authorities who will determine when the B-737 MAX will return to service, and that “To help our customers and suppliers plan their operations, we provide them with our best estimate periodically when the regulators will start authorizing the grounding of the 737 MAX ”.

And the date that changes, what they estimate will be the time when the authorities will reinstate the airworthiness certificate is now mid-2020.

But obviously, since it is not a date nor imposed by Boeing, nor confirmed by these authorities, they state: “This updated estimate is based on our experience to date with the certification process. It is subject to our continued attempts to address known programming risks and subsequent developments that may arise in connection with the certification process. It also explains the rigorous scrutiny that regulatory authorities are correctly applying at each step of their review of the 737 MAX flight control system and the process of the Joint Operations Evaluation Board that determines the pilot training requirements. ”

In a few days, when Boeing announces the economic results of the last quarter of 2019, the company has announced that they will give more information about their efforts for "the safe return of the B-737 MAX to service".

 Meanwhile, it has been known that Boeing is negotiating with several banks worth 10,000 million dollars, of which it would have already signed more than half. This money would be intended to cover expenses arising from the paralysis of these aircraft. These expenses would include those of the agreements with the airlines on the costs of keeping the MAX unemployed, including the need to rent other planes to replace them or having been forced to cancel flights or routes due to lack of these planes.

Examples of these agreements can be the one reached with Turkish Airlines for which Boeing will pay this 225 million dollars: 150 million as compensation and 75 million for the additional training that the pilots and spare parts expenses for the airplanes should receive. Do not forget that even if they do not fly, and are in storage conditions, you still have to do some maintenance work on them periodically. Thank you for visiting our private jet companies in USA page.

Private Jet Companies In USA

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