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Racing news from Italy: In the 1990s, the number of pilots was remarkable: the record was 261 drivers in the first trial of 1993, with a total of 718 participants in the three trials conducted in that year. LIVE STREAMING FOR SUNDAY FEBRUARY 5 ON ADRIA THE FIRST RESULTS OF WSK SUPER MASTER SERIES. The Adriatic Karting Raceway also records this vortex weekend 243 drivers on the track. Free practice starts on Fri . Keep all our news always with you on your smartphone with the Stop & Go app.

SPECIAL TV SERVICE RAI SPORT VENERDÌ 10 WSK MASTER SERIES APPROACH TO THE GOLF OF TRIESTE. On the occasion of the WSK Champions Cup, where the participants were more than a hundred, he climbed the second stage of the podium and later occupied the WSK Super Master Series the following week. The European Championship CIK FIA reserved for the categories with gearbox collects in the International Circuit Napoli the most accredited protagonists of the category in a lineup that sees 111 drivers coming from 19 different nations. July 3rd, 2010. Sunday, September 3, the Double Finals awarding vortex titles in all categories, live on AutoMotoTV. - 28/07/2017 23:04. Regulatory minimum weight is an extremely important element and greatly affects the speed of the kart, especially on the means that by regulation are devoid of speed change. Go to Administrator »Module Magager» Your_Module (by postion: sticky_left / stickey_right / notice / tool_bottom).

Status: Unpublish for that module. Another festival for the second time in the Wackersdorf Appointment, fourth test of the German DKM Championship, with Jorrit Pex dominant in KZ2, Dennis Hauger protagonist in OK with a win and a second place, and with Kas Haverkort of CRG Keijzer Racing also these dominant in OK-Junior. The 210 GPs who took part in the first round of the WSK Master Series will have to deal with timeke . The CRG English and 2016 Academy Champion, Callum Bradshaw took sixth place, recovering 9 positions, with the best Race in the race, Glenn Van Berlo with CRG Keijzer Racing placed 12th in front of German Hannes Janker. 06.08.2017 - Adria Karting Raceway, Adria, Trophy Adria Karting Raceway.

SUNDAY 1 PREFINES AND FINALS IN LIVE STREAMING engine FROM THE WEEKEND OFFICIAL WEBSITE WSK OF ADRIA PARTICIPATES WITH TEST EVENING DAYS, for the 153 vortex verified drivers of the WSK Final Cup ended at the Adria Karting Raceway with the first classified charts. Our goal is to propose an economical, easy-to-manage product and a low engine cost agility program on the market. Karting .. 10.09.2017 - Circuit Vincenza Ispica. There is a huge abrazo at Gonzalo's family ya todo el Karting. We are proud of our highly qualified staff who will be available to ensure all the events without a hitch, if a 1 hour big birthday party event outdoors on weekends. November 2015 (42) Fifteen days after the motor exquisite weekend in Castelletto di Branduzzo Karol Basz wins the Muro Leccese track, the third and final event of the WSK Super Master Series. The grand prix second season’s podium thanks to second place.

Engineering motor University of Rome is pleased to promote FORUM 2009, a Job grand prix Meeting devoted to orientation, training and work. 1 OCTOBER 2017, LE MANS (FRA) Among the riders, we were engine honored to see on vortex the track the great pilot motor Romano Emanuele Pirro, with a vortex rok long career vortex as well as many titles, started with the 11-year karts running in F1, DTM and currently Audi. The next motor week the appointment is with the TV engine channel Motorsport TV, for a special service on the event. THE FINAL grand prix APPOINTMENT IN SARNO (SA) ON 9TH LECCESE SETS UP TO SPRINT FINISH FOR THE WSK. Become one day pilot and experience the emotions of a kart race vortex rok gp!