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The last appointment of the season of the Spanish Resistance and GT Championships was held in Navarra. Two intense races put the finishing touch to a season full of incentives.

Regarding CER, the fight for victory was frantic. In the first race, in D1, Vinyes and Font achieved a tight victory over Guillermo Aso. Third were the Martinez brothers and fourth Pareras and Castillo. In D2, on the other hand, Bozzoni and Calvet were the best with their VW Scirocco.


In D3 the fight ended with victory of the Peugeot RCZ of Abella and Cortés, leaving for Hernando-Valenza the second place, completing the podium the BMW M325i Racing of Lurauto piloted by Espinosa and García. In D4, Leon MKI de Fernández won the Clio Cup IV of Espuny and Rueda-Rodríguez. In D5, Vallés and Chicoy did not miss the opportunity to win with their Fiesta ST, followed by the Huarte-Garcia Mini and the Juan Campos Clio. In D6, finally, the domain was total by the BMW 325i, who took the podium with Lafuente-Velasco at the top, Herrera-Villacieros second and Rampérez-Auñón-Cerrada third.


Already among the GT, Mercedes SLS AMG of Escámez and De Castro set the tone. The Porsche of Díaz-Varela and Costabal won in Class 2, while in Class 3 it was the fastest Ford Mustang of Bonejan and Prim.


But Sunday morning was the second race of the weekend and, ultimately, last of the season. At CER, D1 went to Vicinanza and Cosín, ahead of Llobet-García and the Martínez, again on the podium. In D3, Hernando and Valenza certified their Class 2 victory with victory, leaving Espinosa-García (BMW M235i) and Abella-Cortés behind.


The D4 went to Arturo Espuny, division champion, who beat Rueda-Rodríguez, while in D5, García and Huarte took the Mini to the first position, ahead of Ruiz-Colomina and Galician Juan Campos Toimil. The D6, Open Michelin, went to Lafuente and Velasco again, ahead of another BM 325, piloted by Rampérez, Autón and Carrada, completing the podium the Suzuki by Natalia Ibañez and Pedro Herraiz.


Among the GTs, in C1 they again marked the pattern Escámez and De Castro, while Díaz Varela and Costabal took the C2 and Nobs-Courtois the C3.


The Rally Comtat de Cerdanya, a success with a lot of future

The first edition of the Rally Comtat de Cerdanya more than met expectations and thanks to its excellent route, its careful organization and the pilots present, the show was the protagonist in the surroundings of the Pyrenean town of Alp.


With a route that exceeded 700 kilometers (370 in regular stretches), the 21 teams present also enjoyed an incredible rally start with a demanding night stage. The experienced teams went to the first stage, on the night of Friday, September 29, to face a route in which seven of the 10 sections were in French territory. The Nogareda-Giral couple took a short distance on board their Porsche 911, although the persecutors were not going to make it easy, since both Gutierrez-Jordan (Opel Ascona) and Fortuny-Jiménez (Lancia Delta) stalked their leadership.


My life is healthy, why not also my car?

Leading a healthy lifestyle is much more than eating healthy and exercising regularly. All the decisions we make influence the environment and have an 
Surely you've seen it around you. A co-worker, a family member, a friend ... Acquaintances who have taken their own health seriously, have put aside sugar or industrial pastries and have changed it to quinoa and avocado. They also do marathons all over the world. They say they take care of themselves ... but are you sure?

Taking care of our health is the key to a longer and higher quality life, but sometimes we forget other small gestures that have direct consequences on the environment and, therefore, directly influence our health. Thus, recycling and reducing the consumption of plastics, limiting our purchases of clothing (textile is the most polluting industry), consuming products from nearby markets or choosing how to move around are actions that cause an improvement in our health.

My life is healthy, why not also my car?

The carbon footprint of a hybrid car is reduced because it is the vehicle itself that recycles the energy used. Perhaps, therefore, we should focus more on what we need and how we get it. Have you stopped to think about the carbon footprint generated as a result of your travels to “run around the world”? What is the use of improving our lung capacity if on each air trip a passenger generates 285 gr / km of CO2 according to the European Environment Agency?

Why buy a superfood from the other side of the world if maritime transport generates 800 million tons of CO2 every year? Isn't it better to approach the nearest market with an efficient vehicle and buy proximity products?

A rational ecology focuses on the most efficient formulas to improve our health. Consider one of the cars of Toyota, a leading brand in hybrid electric vehicles worldwide, cars powered by a fuel tank but supported by an electric motor that eliminates the most inefficient work times, in which a larger volume is consumed made out of fuel. And, according to the latest studies, with a capacity to move like fully electric cars for 80 percent of their time.






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