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A child prodigy in karts

The medinense rider Irene Navas, in a gas go kart for kids,  is the only girl who competes with only 10 years in the Spanish Karting Academy Championship and has already managed to win in a test / In the general she has finished third and wants to make the leap to international races Irene Navas from Medina celebrates at the top of the podium her first place in the go kart for kid test held in Recas (Toledo) .- ARIZA RACING SCHOOL Irene Navas from Medina celebrates at the top of the podium her first place in the test held in Recas (Toledo) .- ARIZA RACING SCHOOL Valladolid newspaper J.I. FERNÁNDEZ / VALLADOLID OCTOBER 17, 2018, 10:50 Irene Navas will never forget this summer in go karts for kid racer series. In a world as competitive and manly as motorsports, she has made history.


The 10-year-old driver already wins races with a kart, being the only one in a competition full of children, 19 between 8 and 10 years old. She did it last September in Recas (Toledo), in the second race of the new Academy category that accompanies the Spanish Championship, and she finally managed to get on the podium of the general classification being third. Her love of motoring came when at the age of five she already tested the speed of a kart thanks to her father. Although she did not begin to compete until she was eight. Her parents attended the School that Marta Ariza (she was the first woman to get a Santander Scholarship for young promises) has in Zamora. Soon he saw something special about her. "She is very hard-working, very stable and constant," he says. That allowed the Spanish Federation to grant him a place for the Spanish Academy Championship. And she did not disappoint. In her first contact with the track she was thirteenth.


But in the second test, like a prodigy of gas go karts for kids, the child from Medina surprised everyone by winning the test in Recas. The chronicles of that day speak of a race in which she and her rival Sandro Pérez, "offered the public a beautiful duel in which they beat each other on several occasions." "I guess I was good at the circuit," Irene humbly comments. But this is not the case, the Valladolid woman has a special gift for driving. "We have to keep working, but it is clear that she is a very smart pilot, we have opted for her because we believe that she has something that will take her forward," explains her mentor. However, this projection can be cut if it does not have sufficient financial support to be able to compete next year. The intention is for Navas to compete again in the Spanish Championship but also try in some international competition, "since it would be very good for her to continue growing, but it depends on the arrival of a sponsor." Loading ... Loading ... eleven Irene Navas defines herself as a "fine and technical" driver, something that Ariza confirms. "I am not aggressive with the challenge of the rivals, but I like to defend my position on the track." And it is that Medina del Campo is a genius and a figure. Looking for a kids go kart for sale?


His dream, like that of any driver, is to get into a Formula 1. Navas has Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz Jr as idols (Fernando Alonso is no longer carried) but above both of them Marta, «his teacher» . Ariza herself acknowledges that although "barriers are being removed," motor racing continues to be a sexist sport. "One day after winning they sent me to the kitchen," he remembers. However, she is willing to break stereotypes. "Irene or I showed that we can beat anyone, now is the time to continue improving, but there is still a long way to go." While Irene steps on the accelerator and continues with her eternal smile enjoying the moment, although she already warns, "I don't care if I win over boys or girls." Check out kids go karts for sale here.