60cc Vortex Mini Rok Engine For Sale

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vortex mini rok 60cc for saleThe 2-stroke 60cc ROK Mini engine is renowned for it's high hp, reliability, power, ease of use, and low price point. This air-cooled motor features a built in electric starter, starter battery, Dell'Orto carburation, fuel pump, exhaust system, and dry centrifugal clutch.

Mini and Micro Rok racing is the go-to stepping stone in the United States as well as worldwide for young drivers to get their start in karting.


  • Air-Cooled heat management
  • Ribbless oval exhaust
  • Radial c4 bearings
  • 42mmx43mm bore to stroke ratio
  • Peak horsepower 10 HP a 11,000 Rpm
  • Peak Torque 6.5 Nm a 9,000 Rpm
  • Peak Rpm 15,500 Rpm
  • Analogic ignition system
  • Dell’Orto PHBG Ø 18mm carburetor
  • Vortex intake silencer
  • Dell’Orto fuel pump
  • Exhaust with built-in silencer

Enjoy The Mini ROK 2016 International Final Video

2019 Mini Rok Engines For Sale

Are you racing in the ROK Cup in the US? If so drop by the official site to have a look at the rulebook, it should help you get started. Another useful resource for getting connected with the series is the official Facebook page. Here is the 2019 schedule over at EKarting news, this will show you where the races are happening. 60cc Mini/Micro Rok racing is the perfect avenue for young drivers in the United States to hone their skills. National champions are invited to Italy at the end of each season to compete against the best in the world from other countries. When you add the reliability of these motors, ease of tuning, and extremely consistent HP figures, it's easy to see why so many young racers chose this 60cc category. Enjoy a great price as well on every engine for sale, including the Vortex ROK GP, and the ROK Shifter motors.

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