Learjet 45 Vs Learjet 60

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Learjet 45 Vs Learjet 60 Comparison Chart

Model Learjet 45 Learjet 60
Crew 2 2
Business Capacity 8 8
High Density Capacity 16 16
Length 58 ft 0 in 58 ft 8 in
Height 14 ft 1 in 14 ft 8 in
Wingspan 47 ft 10 in 43 ft 9 in
Wing Area
MTOW 20500 Lb 23500 Lb
OEW 12850 Lb 14772 Lb
Fuel capacity 6062 lbs Lb 7910 Lb
Maximum payload 2110 Lb 2228 Lb
Cabin Dimensions 4 ft 11 In high, 5 ft 1 In wide 5 ft 9 In high, 5 ft 11 In wide
Turbofans (2×) Honeywell TFE731-20 PW305A
Thrust 3,650 lb 4,600 lbf
Maximum speed 465 kts 465 kts
Cruise speed 436 kts 436 kts
Range 1968 nm 2418 nm
Ceiling 51000 ft 51000 ft
Takeoff 4350 ft 5450 ft
Landing 4063 ft 5208 ft




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Aertec Solutions, engineering and international consultancy specializing in aeronautics, achieved a turnover of 33.4 million euros in 2019, which represents a 7% growth in business volume compared to the previous year. Employment also grew during the past year by 4.5 percent, reaching 635 employees worldwide.

Among the lines of activity highlighted during the past year, from the company they point out the development of on-board systems for commercial airplanes of Airbus, with important growth prospects in the medium and long term, they explain, as well as their status as strategic supplier of the European multinational in manufacturing engineering, which will allow the company from Malaga to continue growing in the German and French markets.

During the past year the company also increased its defense activities, increasing its collaboration with the European Defense Agency, becoming part of a consortium of European companies and institutions to develop the TALOS project, a program to develop a laser effector that It will be used in the field of defense by 2025.

The most relevant milestones during the past year in the area of airports were the participation in the new Lima airport, in Charleroi (Belgium), in Madrid-Barajas, and its incipient activity with the Denver airport operator. The company has references in more than 160 airports in 40 countries on five continents.

The Andalusian firm currently has 5 offices in Spain and subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Colombia and the United Arab Emirates.

Its subsidiary in the United Kingdom has continued to consolidate its position after six years of implementation in the British market, and already accounts for around 20% of the revenues of the AERTEC aerospace industry division. That of Germany, after the acquisition of an engineering company in Hamburg in 2018, begins to bear its first fruits.

The company has started working with Airbus Cabin & Cargo, at its plant in Buxtehude (Germany), receiving orders for the development of on-board systems for Airbus commercial aircraft, another of the company's strategic business lines with greater growth prospects for Medium and long term. Thank you for visiting our Learjet 45 Vs Learjet 60 page.

Learjet 45 Vs Learjet 60