Challenger 300 Vs G200

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Challenger 300 Vs G200

Model Challenger 300 G200
Crew 2 3
Business Capacity 8 8
High Density Capacity 16 18
Length 68.63 ft / 20.92 m 62 ft 3 in (18.97 m)
Height 20.33 ft / 6.20 m 21 ft 5 in (6.53 m)
Wingspan 63.84 ft / 19.46 m 58 ft 1 in (17.70 m)
Wing Area 523 ft2 / 48.5 m2 369 ft² (34.3 m²)
MTOW 38,850 lb / 17,622 kg 35,450 lb (16,080 kg)
OEW 23,500 lb / 10,659 kg 19,200 lb (8,709 kg)
Fuel capacity 14,150 lb / 6,418 kg  
Maximum payload 3,500 lb / 1,588 kg 4,050 lb (1,840 kg)
Cabin Dimensions 6 ft 1 In high, 7 ft 2 In wide 6 ft 3 In high, 7 ft 2 In wide
Turbofans (2×) Honeywell HTF7000 PW306A
Thrust 6,826 lbf / 30.4 kN 6,040 lbf (26.9 kN)
Maximum speed Mach 0.82 / 470 kn / 870 km/h Mach 0.85 (487 knots, 560 mph, 900 km/h)
Cruise speed Mach 0.80 / 459 kn / 850 km/h (459 knots, 528 mph, 850 km/h)
Range 3,100 nmi / 5,741 km 3,400 nmi (3,910 mi, 6,300 km)
Ceiling 45,000 ft / 13,716 m 45,000 ft (13,700 m)
Takeoff 4,810 ft / 1,466 m 6600 ft
Landing 2,600 ft / 792 m 4352 ft



International Aviation News


IAG announces that as of January 17, 2020, only 39.5 percent of the group's shares are held by investors from outside the European Union.

Almost a year after IAG imposed a limit on shareholders outside the European Union, having reached these 47.5 percent of the shares, and according to the bylaws of the company, the board of IAG has decided raise that limit as this percentage has been reduced to 39.5 percent according to the registry of its shares.

The withdrawal of this limit also means the withdrawal of any mandatory sales order that had been sent to shareholders outside the European Union according to those same statutes. These indicate that if the maximum mark is reached, people or companies outside the European Union cannot acquire more IAG shares and that the last shareholders outside the European Union are forced to sell a part of their shares to people or entities of the union to restore balance.

From IAG remember that the board can re-establish the limit at any time if it is detected in the register of shares that is equalized or exceed 47.5 percent of the total shares, which is the maximum limit that was established on February 11, 2019 as a system to guarantee the Europeanity of IAG against Brexit and to maintain flight rights within and from the European Union to third countries.

The legal limit established by the European Union is that half plus one of the shares of an airline must be owned by individuals or companies of the European Union.


Qatar Airways will fly daily between Doha and Malaga in July and August and will use the Boeing 777 on the route.

Qatar Airways has announced that its flights between Doha and Malaga will be daily in the months of July and August 2020, a route that covers since July 2018 with five weekly flights in the summer season.

As explained by Qatar Airways, this increase has been decided after checking how Malaga "has positioned itself as one of the popular destinations among Qatar Airways passengers."

These planes are equipped with 42 seats in business and 316 in tourist, highlighting that in the first of these they have the seat named Qsuite, “patented by Qatar Airways, it is characterized by having for the first time a double bed, pioneer in the class business, with privacy panels that separate and allow passengers in adjacent seats to create their own room. The adjustable panels and mobile television monitors in the center of the four seats allow friends, colleagues or family to travel together and transform the space into a private suite, to work, eat or socialize, ”they point out from the airline. This seat has been awarded several times as the best business class seat in the world. Learn more about purchasing a challenger 300 vs g200 here.

challenger 300 vs g200

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