Challenger 300 Vs Falcon 2000

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Challenger 300 Vs Falcon 2000

Model Challenger 300 Falcon 2000
Crew 2 2
Capacity 9 19
Length 68.63 ft / 20.92 m 20.23 m (66 ft 4 in)
Height 20.33 ft / 6.20 m 7.06 m (23 ft 2 in)
Wingspan 63.84 ft / 19.46 m 19.33 m (63 ft 5 in)
Wing Area 523 ft2 / 48.5 m2 49 m2 (530 sq ft)
Aspect Ratio    
MTOW 38,850 lb / 17,622 kg 35800 Lb
OEW 23,500 lb / 10,659 kg 9,405 kg (20,734 lb)
Fuel capacity 14,150 lb / 6,418 kg 12155 lbs Lb
Maximum payload 3,500 lb / 1,588 kg 5910 Lb
Cabin Dimensions 6 ft 1 In high, 7 ft 2 In wide 6 ft 2 In high, 7 ft 7 In wide
Turbofans (2×) Honeywell HTF7000 PW308C
Thrust 6,826 lbf / 30.4 kN 26.3 kN (5,900 lbf)
Maximum speed Mach 0.82 / 470 kn / 870 km/h Mach 0.86
Cruise speed Mach 0.80 / 459 kn / 850 km/h 529 mph, 460 kn
Range 3,100 nmi / 5,741 km 3,740 mi, 3,250 nmi
Ceiling 45,000 ft / 13,716 m 15,500 m (50,900 ft)
Takeoff 4,810 ft / 1,466 m 5440 ft
Landing 2,600 ft / 792 m 4333 ft




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International Aviation News

The Barcelona city council seems to have been left alone in its proposal to suppress flights at the Barcelona airport to reduce pollution in the city. The relaunch of the proposal of the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, to suppress, among others, flights between Madrid and Barcelona and replace them with the AVE has received all kinds of rejections.


The proposal launched by the councilor a few months ago, and which Eloi Badía, Councilor for Climate Emergency of the city council of Barcelona, ​​resumed this week, sought to reduce the pollution of the city by eliminating those air routes that have an alternative by train.


As an example of this, the Spanish Association of Air Transport Users, Businessmen and Professionals (ASETRA) did not hesitate to issue a harsh statement criticizing the measure, demanding Ada Colau “greater rigor in requesting the restriction of airport connections from Barcelona to Madrid for the supposed effects of air pollution ”, since for them“ the excuse of air pollution implies a plan to harm tourism in the city and the development of the airport facility ”.


Ignacio Rubio, president of ASETRA has pointed out that it is just another way of “tourist isolation of the city of Barcelona” since for Colau “tourism that arrives by air and cruise ships are the enemy to beat in 2020, well with the recent measures to increase the price of the tourist rate approved in September 2019, such as now attacking the airport facility, airlines and the port of Barcelona itself with the excuse of the alleged pollution that is said to be produced by airplanes. ” For ASETRA "the pollution situation in the city must be attributed to the poor forecast and management of land circulation by the City Council and the municipalities surrounding the so-called metropolitan area belt."


Rubio continues to point out in the association's statement that “It is false that the airplanes that make the route of the Air Bridge produce the contaminating effect that the city council attributes to them because most of the flight path of said aircraft is produced more than 29,000 feet in height and the approach pollution index is reduced when the descent of the largest aircraft with iddle mode engines (ie idling) is done exclusively when the aircraft make the approach below 10,000 feet when they carry the engines with the flight power for the approach that is usually located 60 km from the airport of Barcelona or Madrid for a descent to 3,000 feet (1,000 meters and link there with the ILS approach and guidance systems ”.


Under these conditions “The association requires the city council not to blame the Air Bridge for pollution in Barcelona and look at the polluting effects produced by the daily trucks that circle Barcelona or its Free Zone or measure the emission rate caused by the intense activity of the port of Barcelona both in its cargo and passenger ships that far exceed those caused by air transport. ASETRA considers that the measure sought by the city council is a direct attack on tourism and the development of the Barcelona airport as well as providing an excuse to end the connection with Madrid by air in addition to the jobs generated by said route and that alternately link to the train with the capital of Spain ”. Learn more about Challenger 300 Vs Falcon 2000 here.

Challenger 300 Vs Falcon 2000