Welcome to Altamura Concepts

Welcome to Altamura Concepts – Custom Paint and Design

Altamura Concepts are specialists in motorcycle and custom paintwork. Our relentless drive to create motorcycle designs that define the cutting edge in image, design and custom paintwork has given us a reputation as an innovator in the industry.


The Altamura approach, creative talent and the extremely high quality of the custom paintwork have allowed us to work on commissions and for individual clients that include:

  • Damian Hirst
  • Ewan McGregor
  • Yamaha
  • Triumph
  • Harley Davidson
  • Puma
  • Virgin
  • Arai
  • Nickelodeon
  • Kobalt

Consistently investing in new motorcycle engineering, paint technology and equipment combined with stellar customers satisfaction has helped make us one of the premier motorcycle custom paint companies in Europe.

Do I need to return the bike I am currently riding?
Not at this stage. Your claims handler will contact you directly to discuss the present position of your claim, your continued need for alternative transport, and your options for settling your claim in the most effective way.

Am I still adequately insured?
Yes, our hire fleet motorcycle policy is still live and you will be covered until such time that we collect the hire bike from you.

I’ve had a bike on credit hire, do I still need to pay?
The Terms and Conditions signed by you still remain, and you do have the residual liability to settle the hire charges. However, we will still seek to recover these directly form the responsible party’s insurers, so there would be no need for you to pay for the hire charges. In the event that you fail to cooperate and assist the BLD/administrators in the recovery of the hire charges incurred, you may become personally responsible for them.

My bike is with you for estimating and repair, what will happen to my bike now?
Your claims handler will contact you directly to discuss the present position of your claim, and current stage of repairs. Dependent upon what stage of the estimating or repair process, the handler will advise you of the best solution to resolve your claim, if BLD/the administrators, are no longer able to assist. If you are currently utilising one of our hire bikes, we will endeavour to conclude you claim rather than you having to seek claims assistance elsewhere.

I have an outstanding claim for riding kit and personal items damaged in the accident?
Your claims handler will contact you directly to discuss the present position of your claim and if we can continue to provide assistance. If we are unable to, we would recommend that you contact your legal expenses insurer to seek assistance in the recovery of such uninsured losses. If you have a solicitor already acting for you in relation to a personal injury claim, they will be able to pursue these items of claim for you.

I have one of your hire bikes and I have been involved in an accident, who should I contact?
Please contact our Logistics Team on 01425 205 000.

I have one of your hire bikes and I a fault or breakdown, who should I contact?
Please contact our Logistics Team on 01425 205 000.

You have agreed a date and time to deliver or collect a motorcycle from me, what will now happen?
Our Logistics Team will contact you directly to discuss and rearrange.

You are dealing with the disposal of my bike salvage, who do I contact?
A member of staff from Salvage Solutions will contact you directly to discuss the disposal, or return to you, of the salvage.

I am a salvage agent that has agreed to purchase salvage form Salvage Solutions, what happens in this scenario?
Please make contact in normal manner with Salvage Solutions, to arrange collection and payment of salvage purchased.

I have an outstanding complaint, what should I do?
If you have an ongoing complaint with us, the handler dealing with your complaint will contact you directly to discuss resolution. Should you wish to contact us, please email: Complaints@bldgroup.co.uk.

Non claims related services (repairs, MOT, servicing, paintwork, tyres, etc.~)
My motorcycle is with you for private , non-accident related work e.g. servicing, MOT, tyres, etc.), what happens to my bike?
The workshop where you bike currently is will contact you directly to discuss your work. In the event that the work has been completed, you will be expected to collect your bike and pay for work carried out, upon collection. If the work has not been carried out, you should contact the appropriate depot and collect your bike.

I have ordered something from the Ministry of Bikes web shop, what happens to my order?
If you have paid by credit card you should seek to claim reimbursement from your credit card provider. If you have paid by debit card and are unable to claim a refund from the card provider, please contact us directly to discuss further.