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Welcome to the web site of the North Waltham, Steventon, Ashe and Deane History Society - the local history society for these North Hampshire villages. The NWSAD History Society was formed in February 2000 and aims to encourage an interest in local history through our programme of events, research, publications and web site.


We plan to build on the themes of:

The evolution of local landscapes and buildings
Historical events with local impact
Lives and occupations of villagers past and present
But of course we are constantly changing and adding new topics and would be interested in your 'Historical' passions to add as well!

Along with our monthly programmes we hope to continue work on previous projects, such as recording an 'Oral History' about our villages and its people.

We meet in the North Waltham School Hall at 8pm on the third Thursday of most months. So does this sound interesting, then why not come along and join in.

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Set inside staggering surroundings, for example, the Test Valley, South Downs and the New Forest, Hampshire is home to probably the prettiest towns in England. With memorable chapels, covered houses and timber-surrounded structures, these quintessential English field towns are well worth visiting. In case you're hoping to encounter unspoiled rustic Hampshire, you can't turn out badly with visiting one of these wonderful spots.


Beaulieu, New Forest, Hampshire

A well known goal for guests to the New Forest, Beaulieu is a riverside town with a few attractions to offer. Horses and jackasses can even be seen brushing the greenery among the enchanting rust-hued houses and chocolate shops. Castle House is the gem in its crown, and the noteworthy nunnery, just as the National Motor Museum, are likewise worth visiting.


Burley, New Forest, Hampshire

Stuffed with old world appeal, Burley is a novel New Forest town where horses and dairy cattle wander unreservedly. It's popular for black magic, as a supposed witch lived here during the 1950s, and the ties live on in the nearby blessing shops. Burley is likewise incredible for foodies, with a town nourishment trail driving you to coffee bars, bars, fudge shops and a neighborhood juice creator.


Buriton, Hampshire C: Trevor Harris

Credit: Trevor Harris

Two miles south of Petersfield lies Buriton, a curious town at the core of the South Downs. Flaunting a town lake, two bars and tennis courts, there is bounty to see and do in the town itself. In the interim, there are a few lovely strolls to leave on around the town, either onto the South Downs Way, the Sussex Border Path or downsizing the statures of War, Head Down and Oakham Hill.


Cheriton, Hampshire

Fixed with flawless covered bungalows, Cheriton is an enchanting little town set on the edge of the South Downs, near Winchester. It's home to an exceptionally acclaimed bar, the Flower Pots Inn, which has gotten various honors for the lager prepared in the bar. A town corridor, cricket pitch and tennis court just add to the picture of the quintessential English town.

East Meon

East Meon, Hampshire

High up in the Meon Valley, East Meon was at one time an imperial estate having a place with Alfred the Great and is home to a few noteworthy structures, including the Norman church and the fourteenth extremely old Court House. The River Meon runs close by the town road and two enchanting bars can be found in this pretty riverside town.


Hamble le Rice

With the River Hamble on one side and Southampton Water on the other, it's nothing unexpected that the pretty town of Hamble-le-Rice is a safe house for yachting. Many sparkling yachts line the water, with clamoring bars and fish cafés on the waterfront. Near to, you'll additionally locate the Royal Victoria Country Park and Manor Farm Country Park.


Wickham, Hampshire

Saturated with history, Wickham has the second biggest medieval square in England at its heart, encompassed by medieval cabins and flawlessly safeguarded Georgian houses. A variety of free shops and diners can be found in the town, and the serene Water Meadows are an incredible spot for a loosening up walk. For a really one of a kind shopping experience, head to Chesapeake Mill, a previous flour factory selling collectibles, blessings and gems.

In case you're hoping to investigate these untainted towns for yourself, discover some place to remain in the zone with and their choice of occasion houses in Hampshire. There's even the choice to remain in a portion of the excellent towns referenced above, where you're destined to remain in dazzling environment.


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steventon SteveImage 22-School-Entrance-above-Co.html
steventon SteveImage 23-1825-Rectory.html
steventon SteveImage 24-September-Cottage-pre-WW.html
steventon SteveImage 25-Lytle-stores-1950's.html
steventon SteveImage 26-Stonehills-1960's.html
steventon SteveImage 27-Tunnel-1920's.html
steventon SteveImage 28-1741-Estate-Map.html
steventon SteveImage 29-1821-Glebe-plan.html
steventon SteveImage 2-Entrance-to-the-Victorian.html
steventon SteveImage 30-1840-Tithe-Map.html
steventon SteveImage 31-1870-6in-OS-map.html
steventon SteveImage 32-1952-Sketch-map.html
steventon SteveImage 33-1950-2-and-a-half-inch-m.html
steventon SteveImage 3-West-end-of-the-Victorian.html
steventon SteveImage 4-Interior-of-the-Victorian.html
steventon SteveImage 5-Victorian-Manor-after-the.html
steventon SteveImage 6-Elizabethan-wing-1926.html
steventon SteveImage 7-Elizabethan-Manor-complet.html
steventon SteveImage 8-Elizabethan-Manor-rear-19.html
steventon SteveImage 9-Elizabethan-Manor-in-decl.html
steventon SteveImage img 15-Children's-activities.jpg
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steventon stevglebebig.htm
steventon stevwork.htm
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