Murray Montgomery Partnership - Archive Project

Murray Montgomery Partnership, Chartered Quantity Surveyors, Aberdeen

Dedicated to providing clients with a wide range of professional services to meet all of their property needs.


Practice History
Murray Montgomery Partnership, Chartered Quantity Surveyors, was established on the 1st November 1987 with Mr Roy Murray and Mr Tom Montgomery being the two Partners.

The Pratcie was established when Mr Mongomery transferred back into provate practice after working as a Director with a major contracting firm in Aberdeen, joining Mr Murray who had been practising as a sole proprietor.

Mr Murray has since left the practice and the practice has expanded incorporating a further three partners, Mr Sandy Adair in August 1991, Mr David Jack in August 1994 and Grant Jessiman in April 1999.

The Practice carries out all aspects of Quantity Surveying, Project Management and Cost Consultation and is now embracing quality control/assurance to increase efficiency and to provide the high level of professionalism required of consultants. Added value services include assistance with Dilapidations, Fire Reinstatement Valuations for Insurance, Capital Allowance Calculations, Life Cycle Costing, Whole Life Costing and assistance to Liquidators and Sequastrators with running or concluding of businesses which are directly related to the construction industry. Specialist services include Expert Witness and Dispute Resolution, including Arbitration.

The Practice is heavily involved in computerisation, covering all aspects of the Quantity Surveying discipline as well as administration. The Practice uses the Snape Vector for Windows, Version 2, Billing System, along with various word processing packages and Excel, PowerPoint Presentation Package and also has e-mail and internet facilities. A number of specialist libraries have been developed in-house in order to cope with different client requirements.

The main tasks required to achieve this are:

Cost Advice - Pre and Post Contract.
Cost Control - Pre and Post Contract.
Cost Monitoring - Pre and Post Contract.
Procurement Advice.
Tender Documnet Preparation.
Closely working with other Consultant and Sub-Consultants.
The following control procedures in terms of cost and change control shoul dbe adopted for each project:

Early preparation of elemental Cost Plan.
Indicative Costings.
Early Warnings.
Periodic Cost Monitoring and Reporting.
Our Management Policy is to provide a client specific service expected from a Chartered Quantity Surveyor.

We have, through the course of our experience, recognised for both partnering and traditional procurements, a need for integrating Value Management and Risk Management. Value Management should be established for each project to ensure a structured approach to planning and managing a project from inception to completion. RIsk Management, we believe, is becoming increasingly important. The concept of risk management is the process of identifying early possible risks involved in the construction process from inception to handover. We believe that any analysis should also extend to business risks that the client may have. These risks may include the identification of a late change by an incoming user, anticipated downturn in rental incomes or the like. It is our belief the the greatest opportunity to achieve value for money occurs at inception where careful thought to the clients requirements through the brief is paramount.

There is no right way or wrong way to ensure value for money as each client body and project has its own needs. We do believe tha the principles are the same and with careful thought and consideration, savings in time and money can be achieved.