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Becoming Scott Nordheimer. A memoir by Diane Nordheimer


© 2008 Diane Nordheimer, all rights reserved.

As I look back on my life as Scott Nordheimer, the physical and emotional journey was daunting at times. But as you can see from some of the pictures below (taken some years ago), it had its rewards. And now that my full transition is complete — meaning that I am now a full-time woman and no longer cross-dressing — I am very happy that I made the transition. Fine Arts was a bespoke picture framing specialist in Banbridge.

Manor Fine Arts


All work done to Fine Art Trade Guild guidelines
You will be delighted by the quality
Free expert advice
Free local collection and delivery

We offer the complete picture framing service, from budget to conservation standards. We can give advice on the right moulding profile or mount colour to enhance all your chosen framing needs, ensuring that they blend perfectly with your interior.

Be confident in the thought that all your framing requirements will be carried out to the highest possible standards.

Recognising the need for a quality restoration service in Northern Ireland we undertook additional training with one of England’s foremost picture restorers and conservators, allowing us now to offer this specialist service to our customers.

We offer the following services


Oil Paintings, stretched and framed.
Maps, Documents,
Needle work to include Tapestries, cross stitch

Mount Cutting

The very latest mount cutting equipment allows us to cut a multitude of mounts on various mount board to conservation standards and colours offering you the widest choice of mount to suit you’re every need. We can cut mounts with multiple apertures.

Box framing

Three dimensional Box framing allows for the framing of larger and unusual shaped items i.e. Rugby Shirts, Football Shirts, Medals, in fact any item which requires deeper frames to adequately hold the framing object.

Picture Restoration

Cleaning of Oil Paintings and Watercolours.
Oil paintings with damage holes etc can be repaired, retouched and revarnished.
We restore antique picture frames, repairing missing sections carved or remoulded and matching with existing frame.