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Europa Aircraft Kit Build - Short Intro

Welcome to the archive of the Europa Club Web Site.


The Europa Club is a group of individuals drawn together by their interest in the Europa kit aircraft.

They include builders, pilots, and those who simply want to know more about the Europa type.

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For more information about the Europa aircraft itself, please visit The Europa pages.

For more information about the Europa Club, please visit The Europa Club pages.

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For those who prefer, there is also a non-frames version of this site.

This site is maintained by volunteers of the Europa Club.

The laws governing aviation, and particularly the amateur construction of aircraft, differ in detail from country to country. The information on this website is presented in good faith, but as it has come from many different sources, the Europa Club cannot vouch for its validity. It may not match either official Europa Aircraft Company advice or what is permissible in the jurisdiction where your Europa is being built or flown.

Before making use of any information from this website or from those to which it links, it is your personal responsibility to check with the appropriate authorities that your intended action will not endanger yourself or anyone else, and that you are complying with any local regulations applicable to the construction or operation of your aero plane.

The Europa Discussion Forum

Members and non-members alike are welcome to join the Forum to discuss building, flying and owning Europa. Those who prefer email can partake by email, those who prefer a browser interface can do so that way. Both means access the same information, giving you total flexibility even when you're away from home (travelling by Europa, of course) and using a public Internet terminal.

Topics covered are many and varied, and recent examples have included:

  1. the relative merits of the monowheel vs. the tri-gear [not that old chestnut! - Ed]
  2. building tips and techniques
  3. fly-outs and fly-ins
  4. alternative engines and propellers
  5. electrical loads and alternator outputs

And of course the most satisfying contributions of all are the regular reports of successful first flights...


A list of FAQs for the Forum is maintained on this site.

Email Version

The email version of the Forum is hosted by Matronics, a small avionics business based in California whose proprietor, also operates hosts for nearly 50 homebuilder and other special-interest aviation groups like ours, including the well-known AeroElectric-List. The reliability record is excellent, as is the effort expended to keep out spammers and suppress viruses. These lists are user-supported and each year, in November, Matt sends out fund-raising messages soliciting contributions to the running costs of the lists. These are voluntary.

All postings to the forum are automatically emailed to all subscribers. Only subscribers can post to the forum however, to protect you from spam. Subscribing is very simple (see below) - you can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.


You can subscribe to the email Forum by following these steps:

    1. Go to the web page.
    2. Scroll part way down to the List Subscription Forum and put in your email address
    3. Scroll further down to the Subscribe/Unsubscribe from Random Lists section and find the Europa-List line
    4. Select the subscribe radio button
    5. Go to the bottom of the page and press the Process All Requests Above button to action the request

Cancelling your subscription ("Unsubscribing")

To unsubscribe, simply follow the instructions above but select the unsubscribe radio button. You will then be automatically removed from the list.

Browser-based Version

Forum is hosted by Jos Okhuijsen, north of the Arctic Circle in Finland (Jos also hosts this Web Site in the same location). It was built and is maintained by Steve Dunsmuir in the United States.

As well as providing a browser interface to the same information as the Matronics email list, complete with threading and search, the browser version provides a number of additional facilities to users:

  1. About 3500 pictures provided by builders
  2. Builders stories
  3. Attachments to postings (these also work for recipients using the email version, who see the attachment as a direct link to the file on the web server)
  4. A 'builders log' facility where you can record your log, with pictures if you choose
  5. A searchable archive of previous postings to the Forum

All the above are provided free-of-charge by Jos as a service to the global Europa community