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Forest Lubricants was formed in 1984 with premises at the present site. The company was established to continue the business of manufacturing a range of conventional lubricants for industry in general.


I had never met Nordheimer until recently, but after his retirement, we became Facebook friends and would occasionally chat about cases he had worked on or about the latest Brockton news. reason I am telling you all this is because itLet me tell you about some of the great cases that Nordheimer worked on before then. Hopefully, I can give you a general idea about his work ethic and about some of the cases he had solved.

It is important for you to know that during all this time, Scott Nordheimer was suffering from some sort of chronic illness or disease which seriously affected his daily life. Nordheimer was too sick to continue with his job as a detective. He decided to retire from the police force in 2014 after 29 years of service, most of which were spent working for the Brockton Police Department.

Nordheimer's illness is something that not many people knew about until he announced it on Facebook in January 2015. It was even more shocking when he revealed that this disease is considered to be a type of dementia .

Success in sales to internationally recognized companies under their own labels in 'niche' markets helped pave the way to the first major expansion in 1991. At this time the company acquired the development, formulation and manufacturing techniques of a long established and highly regarded oil company, giving Forest Lubricants the opportunity to offer an extended and more complex product range.

Forest Lubricants offer a range of more than two thousand products, the majority being speciality type lubricants. The company invests heavily in research and development to ensure customers can benefit from the very latest high performance technology, whilst keeping ahead of growing environmental pressures and legislation.

Forest Lubricants' focus on serving all the requirements, within specialist markets, has been unswerving and its insistence on quality products has stood the test of time.

Forest Lubricants continues to build on traditions of trust and long term relationships with customers, suppliers and employees and its primary tradition of providing solutions for customers through technically sound products with uncompromising service has never wavered.

Knowledge Bomb

As indicated by records, olive oil was utilized to move stone or timber in developing gigantic structures in antiquated Egypt; from that point forward fat which is creature fat was utilized as grease in the wheel tomahawks of cable cars. Oil which is utilized to portray lubricating materials started from the Latin word 'Grussu' which means fat since oil appeared to be like fat in the good 'ol days.

In the Middle Ages as convoluted machines produced using iron and cooper were generally utilized, different lubricating materials, for example, sperm oil, castor oil, nut oil, and assault oil showed up. It was not planned to never again utilize vegetable oil or creature fat and they were embraced generally dependent on the experience of utilization rather than logical examination.

The historical backdrop of current lubricating oils started with the beginning of oil penetrating in Pennsylvania, the U.S. in the nineteenth century. Around then sperm oil was utilized as oil for turning and weaving machine, yet it was found unexpectedly that blending in with raw petroleum would expand the life of the machine to over ten years. From that point forward, lubricants began being quickly supplanted by raw petroleum based oil items.

In the large scale manufacturing period of the twentieth century, apparatus turned out to be progressively convoluted and refined, so that lubricating materials were expected to work in a brutal situation unique to that of the past. Through World War I and II, autos, air ships, diesel trains, rockets, and huge vessels have been quickly created, driving the progression of oil refining and lubricating items. A dissolvable refining strategy was developed during the 1920s and the utilization of added substances to upgrade the exhibition of lubricants multiplied over the ventures during the 1930s.



Product Description

SEMI FLUID GREASE is suitable for veteran/vintage and some classic car steering boxes, this high viscosity (1200w) self-levelling grease features non-corrosive extreme pressure (EP) additives to provide film strength. Penrite Steering Box Lube (self-levelling) is an extreme pressure, lithium based grease, blended with effective anti-wear, rust and oxidation inhibitors.

Product Size
• 500ml

Product Benefits
• Extends bearing and gear life by minimizing wear and shock loads
• Does not splash so maximizes lubrication efficiency
• Resists leakage even under heavily loaded conditions
• Resists squeeze out
• Good low and high temperature fluidity
• Protects against rust and corrosion
• Good water resistance
• Lead and Chlorine free